Favourite Food That You Eat Togheter

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Basically your favourite food that you eat togheter.


Believe it or not, but the food that was your favourite was *drumroll* Shawarma. Ever since Tony had introduced you two to the famous food you had fallen completely for it. It was the best thing ever and every saturday you and Steve had " Shawarma Saturday " It was amazing.


The food that you both loved to eat and share was hamburger and fries, okay we all know that this isn't the healthiest option but it sure as hell was the most yummiest. Back in the 40's they used to boil everything so this meal was " Absolutely majestic " As said by Bucky Barnes the first time you two ever went to Mc Donald's. You usually ate eachothers fries and maybe even had a small food fight and unfortunately got thrown out, totally worth it.

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