Your Favourite Feature

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Which physical feature of his that is your favourite.


Let's be honest here, the guy had it all. Amazing body, he was good looking, his eyes were beautiful and his hair was soft. If you had to choose one , you would have to choose his beautiful eyes. His eyes were the most amazing colour between blue and green, and you would always get lost in them.


His metal arm, he hated it but you loved it. It made him even more special and it was good protection, though it hurt when you hit it playfully. It made him feel insecure and you wanted to show him that you loved every single part of him, especially that one. Sure it could do damage, for example that one time he accidently layed it over your throat in his sleep and almost choked you. But it was a part of him that you loved, and you would remind him of that until he learned to love it himself.

Hello loves, I hope you enjoyed this chapter even though it was pretty shitty. I just threw something togheter for you guys, hopefully there will be more chapters this week if I manage to write some more.

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