Hydra- Bucky

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oh the things we do for the people we love.

You didn't know why or how, but what was left of Hydra had managed to kidnap you. You had been walking home to you and Bucky's apartment when you felt that something hard had hit your head and you blacked out immediately. You and Bucky had been at the Avengers Tower with the other avengers, you had have a wonderful night that had been filled with laughs. Bucky was supposed to walk home with you but he wanted to stay a little bit longer to hang out with Steve, which you were completely fine with.
You knew that Hydra probably wanted Bucky back but you would never let them have him, you were only human but you believed that love was stronger than anything else and then ofcourse you had Steve and his shield. Even though you knew that they wanted Bucky you would never have thought that they would try to get him through you, well there was a lot of things you didn't know.

You were awake but you didn't open your eyes, you were too scared of what you would see. You wonder if this was how Bucky had felt all those years ; scared, alone and anxious of what they would to do you. Though you knew that if you didn't open your eyes they would probably find a sick way of opening them for you, so you opened them. You had expected to be hit in the face with a bright light but instead it was pitch black, which made you even more scared. You tried to move but pretty soon you realized that you were tied to the bed.
You wondered what they would do to you, if they would torture you or even kill you. You felt how a lump started to take form in your throat as you heard the door open, they were saying a lot of things though you didn't understand even one of them. They grabbed your bed and started to push you out of the room, it felt like you were being pushed through a hospital except that this hospital was either going to kill you or torture you. They pushed you through a dark corridor and you couldn't help by wondering how they could see where they were going, it was pitch black for christ sake. You were thinking so much that you didn't realize that they stuck a needle in your arm, and when you did it was already to late and you blacked out again.

This time when you opened your eyes, you were in fact hit by a bright light. When you had managed to blink a few times you noticed all the scientists that you were surrounded by. You also noticed that you were attached to a lot of different tubes, and you also had a bunch needles stuck on your arm.

"Welcome Ms. Y/L/N , so nice of you to join us this fine evening." , one of the scientists said. You guessed that he was the 'leader' since he looked like one, and he also kind of looked like a frog. This might be odd but he really did, it was like someone had taken a frogs face and placed it on this mans face from now on he is Dr.Frogface.

"Well I didn't do it willingly!", you said as you tried hard not to sound weak, which was hard since you were in fact very weak. But that was nothing that you could show infront of Hydra, they were not going to be able to break you.

He laughed at what you had said and you got angry, how dare he laugh at you ? Did he drag you to this hell hole just to laugh at you ?

"Ofcourse it wasn't willingly, but darling you have to do us a favor." , he paused and then continued.

"Tell us everything that you know about The Avengers and The Winter Soldier !" Dr.Frogface said as he started to come closer to you with a needle in one of his hands and a bottle filled with a green liquid.

You looked at him, you would never spill information about your bestfriends and especially not Bucky. He could inject you with whatever that was in that bottle how many times he wanted to, but you would never in a million years open your mouth and tell him anything.

"I see that you are not willing to cooperate, which was a shame." ,he paused and took two long steps so he now was standing beside you.

"But I can assure you that when I have inected this in your blood, you will be screaming information." ,he smiled widely at you and you wished that you could puke at him.

You felt a knot in your stomach as he stuck the needle into the bottle, what was going to happen with you ?

Part two will be up tomorrow. It wasn't supposed to become long but I can't stop myself, and I also haven't hsd time to write as I went to school today and I had like military training with my soccer team. Well

To be continued.


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