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You two are playing twister.


"Come on Steve, it's not that hard !" You said to him as he was struggling to move his hand from one spot to another. You guys were playing Twister in the Stark Tower, the other avengers was also playing so you were in diffrent teams. You and Steve were obviously togheter then we had Nat and Hawk, Tony and Thor and finally Pietro, Wanda and Bruce. Steve looked up at you and gave you a death glare.

" If it is so easy why don't you do it ?" He muttred and you started to giggle at him being so competitive. In your defense you were actually doing it, you were almost standing under him so if  he fell then you would get chrushed by him, it could have been worse. You cheered on him one more time and he gave you a small death glare, then he moved his hand. 
   You felt his hands grab you and then you were on top of him, you had actually fallen but instead of letting you get chrushed he had in some miraculously way managed to move you on top of him. It wasn't so bad dating an avenger who had really fast reflexes, though it was never bad dating Steve Rogers.

" I like this game." He laughed as you were laying on top of him, you laughed at him and then you smacked his head. But you didn't complain either, you loved this game especially if it resulted with you on top of Steve.


"Oh my god, how do people do this ?", Bucky yelled as he tried to move his foot, it wasn't going so well. The two of you had been watching a movie, it was a quite boring movie but you had eachother so what could go wrong ? Except for the fact that the both of you had too much energy in store, so you got the idea to play Twister and know the two of you were stuggling real bad.

"Come on Buck, it's not that hard !", You said to him and he looked at you with his blue eyes, you knew that he wanted to win but so did you and you were not going to lose. Your arms and legs were hurting but you tried to ignore it, you were a special trained Twister soldier and you were not in a million of years going to lose. Then he finally moved his foot and unfortunately he didn't fall, that bastard. You spun the arrow and gasped when you saw what it landed on.

" No that's freaking impossible !" You yelled and you could hear Bucky chuckle. You were most likely going to fall and never play this game again, you were as said before very competitive. This game was now asking you to twist your whole body, dear Twister you were not born a freaking worm. After a couple of seconds you finally did it, you moved your hand and ofcourse you fell. Though you didn't stay on the ground very long, before Bucky even could realize what was going on you had marched out the living room and straight into the kitchen. 

   You jumped up on the counter and stared angrily on the wall, Bucky walked in and bursted out laughing the second that he saw you.

" Doll, you do know that this is just a game, right ?" He said as he walked up to you and as soon as he got close you wrapped your legs around him. You nodded and gave him a small smile because you could never stay angry in his company. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your temple, you could hear him mumble that he loved you in your ear and that always drove you crazy. You placed your hands on his face and dragged him closer and then you started to kiss his neck while he moaned in your ear.

That night you played a diffrent kind of twister.


Oh my god, this was so weird to write. bucky's was supposed to be cute and lovey dovey and I turned it into something else haha. Though I really enjoyed writing these preferences.

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