Valentine's Day

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What you two do on the 14th of Feburary.


You two had created a traditon that in the morning you went and ate waffles, you two loved waffles and could eat a bunch of them. After that you two went on a walk in Central Park and almost every time it resulted with you two on a pair of ice skates, which resulted with a lot of falling. Then you ate dinner infront of the Tv ( you usually ate shawarma ) and eventually fell asleep watching romantic movies.


It was quite a surprise when Bucky told you that he loves Valentine's Day, but you didn't argue. When the special day finally arrived he had made you breakfast, not any kind of breakfast, he had made you american pancakes with strawberries,raspberries and chocolate. After breakfast you two snuggled in the sofa while watching Valentine's Day. Then the two of you went out and walked around the streets of New York and it resulted with hime buying you loads of treats, which you absolutely loved. Before you walked home he took you to the Empire State building and when you had reached the top you saw a bunch of roses that were adressed to you.
And you also got a kiss and an ' I love you'.

These sucked, but I'm having a writers block and I still wanted to create something extra for you all. Well well, I hope that you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day and that you are spreading love to your loved ones.

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