Surprise- Bucky

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You woke up feeling a bit ill but decided to push that feeling away when you saw a shirtless Bucky laying next to you. You blushed when you remembered what had happen the night before. You let your fingers follow the lines on his stomach and you almost ran out of breath as you felt his hard stomach under your fingers.
He was a god, you were sure of it. Nobody could look like him and not be a god. His face was so well carved and every line was perfect, his long hair that fell down in his face was making him look even cuter, and his body. It was perfect , every muscle , every vein , even his metal arm ,everything about him is perfect.

   "You done staring, doll ?" You jerked away and heard how he started laughing. You started blushing and he laughed even more.

"I thought you were asleep, I'm sorry." You said while he pulled you closer with his metal arm, carefully so he wouldn't hurt you.

"Baby, you don't need to say sorry, I do know that I'm extremly hot." You hit him playfully on his arm and started laughing.

"You wish.",he then lifted you up so that you were sitting on his stomach. You bent down and kissed him as long as you could without breathing.

"It is time to get productive !" You said but flinched when you started feeling nauseous again. You shook your head and tried to get rid of the feeling but it wouldn't work. You knew that Bucky was watching you closely but you didn't want to worry him so you just gave him smile.

"Come on , breakfast time !" You yelled as you stood up , he quickly following your actions. You put on one of his shirts and started walking down to the kitchen.
When you got down in the kitchen you got another wave of nausea over you, this time it was worse. It made you feel dizzy and you were just about to turn around and tell Bucky when everything went black.

You woke up in a white room and you knew exactly where you were, the hospital. You absolutely hated hospitals, they made you feel claustrophobic and Bucky knew this so you couldn't really get why he would take you here.
You felt your heart start to race and your breath get heavier when you looked at the white walls.

" Doll, calm down, it's okay honey." You looked at your left and saw someone you hadn't noticed before.

" Bucky, why would you take me here !" He shook his head at you and took your hand.

" Well something was clearly wrong with you when you fainted right in front of me !" His voice got a little higher and you became a little bit more pissed at him.

" You don't take me here !" You yelled at him but you softened when you saw his expression.

"Look Buck, you know how I feel about hospitals." He nodded and squeezed your hand.

"Sweetheart what am I supposed to do when you fall togheter right in front of me, I didn't even have time to catch you so I was afraid that you might have hit your head." He said as he bent forward in order to kiss you.

"Ms. Y/L/N , oh I am so sorry." You jerked away from Bucky and saw that there was a nurse right in front of your bed.
"It's alright, so what is my problem ?" You asked trying not to sound to pissy just because she had interrupted you and Bucky's kiss.

"Well I wouldn't exactly call it a problem, since you are pregnant.", the nurse said and you are pretty sure your jaw hit the floor or the sheets and Bucky's did to.

"What, you're joking right ?" That can't be true , you and Bucky always used protection, or maybe not as often as it was needed.

"No Miss, ofcourse I'm not joking and to be clear you are in week 26." Jaw drop again.

"26 ? Don't you think I would have noticed if I got fat ?" She laughed and you clenched your fist.

"No , this happens often. You could be in week 32 with just a small bump, it happens often when you're a small person like you."
You nodded and the nurse walked out,you looked at Bucky who had closed his eyes.

"Buck, I am so sorry." He opened his eyes and a small smile started to spred on his lips.

"Doll, no need to say sorry this is the best thing that have happend to me ever since I met you." His smile was so big that you started smiling. He bent down and laid his arms around your body and then he lifted you and placed you in his lap.

"We are having a baby, that is amazing." He kissed your neck and you laughed.

"We really should get better with using protection you know." You said and a cheeky grin took place on his face.

"That is probably the last thing that I think about when we are having sex, doll." He said and you kissed his cheek.

Well a baby was not expected but the two of you could agree that it was one of the best surprises ever.

Hola, I hope you enjoyed this chapter with you being pregnant. I am fifteen and no teen mom so I do not now much about pregnancies , I do know that you can be pregnat for a long amount of time without noticing.
Leave requests and everything.

Xo. Lisa

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