Sokovia Accords

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It hadn't been easy, you never expected it to be either. Falling in love never was. Falling in love with a certain Captain definitely wasn't.

The first couple months you had spent togheter had been simply amazing. You had learned so much more about the Captain you always went on missions with. He wasn't just Captain America, he was Steven Grant Rogers. The bravest, kind hearted and most loving person that you had ever came across. He cared for you in a way no one else had.

There had been a few issues when the two of you became a couple. Both of you tended to get distracted by eachother on missions. Something that the rest of the Avengers got severly annoyed with. After a few missions they came up with the solution that Steve and you would be partners. It was easier that way, that way both of you could have an eye on one another.

You and Steve were quite different, granted the both of you liked to do the right thing. However more than once you had different opinions on what was the right thing. The Avengers had watched the two of you fight numerous times. Every time they thought "this is it, this is when they break up" but you never did. However maybe this time your relationship had reached the final destination.

You listened to Rhodey and Sam's bickering while you thought about what Secretary Ross had said.

"It states that the avengers no longer should be a private organisation instead it will opperate under the supervision of the UN panel, only if that panel deems it necessary."

Perhaps it that wouldn't be to bad, and you didn't exactly want to retire. The day you retired would be the same day your body no longer contained life.

You snapped out of your thinking when you listened to Tony talking about a kid, Charles Spencer. Your heart ached for the kid.
   You always tried to think about all the people you had saved, it was painful to think about the ones you couldn't save
Perhaps Tony was right, maybe it would be better to be put in check. You knew Steve wouldn't agree, his dislike for the Sokovia Accords was displayed all over his face.

You listened to Natasha when she agreed with Tony. She wasn't wrong, having one hand on the wheel would be better than not having any control at all.

"Y/n, you haven't said anything mind sharing your thoughts?" Steve said and for the first time in your relationship, you didn't dare to look at him. Instead you just stared at the ground while you spoke.

"I believe that this is matter that we won't agree on, but Steve I agree with Tony. This is bigger than us and maybe this is the best for us. This job, this whole thing-" You stopped talking and took a deep breath before you continued.

"It's going to break us, I surely can't be the only one who hears people screaming in my nightmares. Screams from New York, Sokovia, Lagos. I think someone needs to keep us in check before we destroy ourselves." You finally looked up at your boyfriend. You could see that he was disappointed, you were to. You wished that you were on the same side.

"Look at that kid, never thought you would agree with me." Tony said with a small smile which resulted in you giving him the finger.

"I have to go" Steve said as he looked down on his phone. He rushed out of the room and you debated whether you should go after him or not.

You didn't know where the two of you stood in our relationship after all this. Even if nothing had changed, you weren't dumb enough to think that nothing would.
   The future didn't look to bright if Steve refused to sign the accords.

Natasha nudged you in the direction Steve had walked, she was right. You ran out after him but noticed that be hadn't gotten very far. He was standing on the stairs, looking down at his phone.
   You hestitated before you walked closer to him. He looked didn't look up at you, maybe he was mad that you weren't on his side.

"Steve I'm sorry that this is yet another thing we can't agree on, but please don't let this come between us." He looked up at you, there were tears in his eyes, something you rarely saw.

"She's dead, Peggy is dead." As soon as those words left his mouth, your arms were around his body. Soft tears fell down in your hair as he cried.

oh peggy, you really chose the wrong time.

hello, I just had an idea and thought I would share. I hope I will do a part two, fingers crossed.

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