Protection- Steve

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We all crave something, it can be everything from love to chocolate. The thing about craving something is that maybe you don't even want to crave it , but you just do.
You had been through a lot, even though you wouldn't admit it. Your past boyfriends had been nothing but complete jerks, one of them had even hit you when you two had a fight, you left him the next day. Right now you were sitting on the couch in your new apartment that you shared with your boyfriend Steve, and Steve he was nothing like the others. You knew you had said that about pretty much every single one of your last boyfriends, but Steve really was something. Not only was he Captain America but he was also the sweetest thing that had walked on this earth, he made you feel like you were drowning in his sea blue eyes and like you were flying everytime he laughed.

At this moment he was in the grocery store probably debating on which ice cream flavor he would pick, he was really bad at that, choosing. But what you hadn't yet realised was that when it came down to you, he would never think twice. He would always choose you first.
You stood up and started walking towards the kitchen, you loved being there. There was food and when both you and Steve were cooking he usually would lift you up and place you on the kicthen table, your legs wrapped around him. Which in the end resulted with really burnt food, but you loved it. All the small things you did for eachother, they made you feel special. You looked inside the fridge and sighed, there was not a single thing in here. Then you remembered that Steve had went to the grocery store to fix that problem, sigh.
You were about to grab a banana when you heard a noise, it sounded exactly like someone was trying to open your front door which was locked. Then the noise stopped and you let out a breath of relief because it was probably just the neighbours.

But no , as you turned around you let out a blood curling scream. In front of you stood a man, in a black hoodie, with a knife in his hand. You tried to back but the kitchen table was in the way.
" Please, we can work this out !" You said trying not to faint, you had never had good nerves. You were always the first one to almost die when walking in the haunted house.
The man started smiling, he started smiling a very disgusting smile and you gulped. Maybe you could call someone, but ofcourse you had left your phone in the living room.
" You forgot about me, sweet cheeks ?" No it couldn't be , could it ? You looked at his face a bit closer and saw that he was one of Steve's enemies. Or enemy was a little bit harsh, but a long time ago they had been friends ,well that was until this friend had turned out to be using Steve for a little fame and like that wasn't enough it seemed like he had a disgusting chrush on you. They stopped being friends after that, so it was kind of weird that he was standing in your kitchen with a knife.
" I am in love with you Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N , I have always been and I crave your body." He said while walking closer.
" Please, if you just walk away I won't call the police." You said with a shaky voice, ofcourse you would call the police it wouldn't be good having a phsycopath running around the streets of New York.
" Now I don't believe that, sweet cheeks." At this momet you could feel his breath on your skin, disgusting.
You looked around trying to find something to protect yourself with, maybe Steve's shield, but I doubt that. When his lips started kissing your neck you had fight the urge to puke on him. You tried to push him away but he had a steady grip on the knife that he now had pressed up against your neck.
" No fighting, this will be so much easier if you do not fight." One thing that you had learned by having complete assholes for boyfriends was, always put up a fight. The man seemed pretty busy with sucking on your throat so you did what every girl had been teached, you kicked him in the balls. He let out a scream and you took the opportunity to run, you opened the door to your apartment and ran as fast as you could outside. You could hear how he was behind you and even though that made you even more scared it also made you more determined, you were not going to get raped or die just because this scumbag thought he could do anything just because he was a guy.

Your hair was all in your face so you barely saw a thing, so it wasn't the biggest shock when you ran straight into someone.
" Darling, why are you running ?" When you heard Steve's soft voice you realised how scared you actually was. You held on to him like your life depended on it, which it kinda did.
" Someone broke in to our apartment and he had a knife." You could barely get the words of your mouth because your breath was so uneven.
You felt how Steve tensed and you knew that he was angry. You turned around when you heard a voice screaming your name, you were not surprised to see the man with his knife. He stopped when he saw you in Steve's arms.
" I see your back in your dear Captain's arms, but you are not safe anywhere !" He screamed then he ran away, your dear captain was about to run after him but you stopped him. Right now you needed someone to hold you close, and he was just the person.

After a couple of days Steve and Bucky had tracked the phsyco down, and now he was in jail. He was pretty bruised.
But you had realised the thing you craved most of them all.



* Hej ( Swedish hello ) , how are you all ? I really hope you enjoyed reading this, I enjoyed writing it but I was a bit disappointed about how it turned out, I think it was pretty bad but I have some good stuff coming up ! Well please leave request and everything.
Thanks for taking your time time to read.
Xo Lisa.

P.s this is NOT the you get hurt imagine that is supposed yo be with Steve, I came up with this and wrote it before I got the idea to write the you get hurt thing.

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