Birthday Special

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When you guys see this it will be my birthday, woop woop. So here's a birthday special for you all and ENJOY.


The first time you and Steve celebrated your birthday togheter, he had know clue what to do. I mean it's understandeable since he basically lived under ice for seventy years, but even though he didn't know how people celebrated nowadays he made it one of the most memorable birthdays you have ever had.
The first thing he did was that he gave you breakfast in bed, with all your favourite kinds of foods and fruits. After breakfast and morning cuddles, he took you out for a walk in the city and at every street corner there was a person giving you a rose. At the end you had 25 roses and a box of your favourite chocolates. At the end of the day, he had given you a beautiful necklace and so much love but there was something more he desperatly wanted to do.
With a blindfold over your eyes you were walking down the streets of New York, nobody looked twice because it's New York. Steve was guiding and helping you through every step, when you finally got to the destination and you took your blindfold of, you were in shook of what was infront of you. You were up on a small hill and you were looking down at the city. Infront of you was a big blanket with a picnic basket on top of it, Steve started to lit some candles that was in the basket and it made everything even more cozy.
   You two sat and talked for what seemed like hours and then suddenly he took out a small black box from his jacket and you just stared at him in confusion. You knew what was supposed to happen but it seemed so unreal that you couldn't even believe it.
   He gave you his little smirk and started telling you about all the things  he loved about you , just to be interrupted by you saying
"I think you're supposed to get down on one knee !"
   He started to laugh hysterically with you joining him, and after that you said yes. Yes to spending your whole life with a guy who barely could propose.
Best Birthday Ever.
( A/N not that you were turning 25 )


Just as Steve, Bucky had no clue how you celebrated birthdays but with a little help from Steve and the rest of The Avengers, he managed to do something amazing.
   In the morning he made you breakfast and gave you a bouqet of your favourite flowers, then he wanted to show you the parts of New York he used to love as a kid. This was your first time really walking around in New York and you loved it, Bucky pointed out all his old favourite places and you loved seeing this part od him. The part you had never seen before, a little softer and happy. He was almost always very happy but he was glowing when he talked about the memories.
   You got to a building which was so beautiful, it was kind of old but you could se that it had been renovated not to long ago. You looked at him waiting for a story about this part of the city. The surroundings were beautiful with a small park just infront of the building and a small food market around the corner, you loved it.
" Well this is my new favourite place because we're starting our life togheter here."
   When Bucky said that you almost dropped to your knees, you two had been looking for an apartment for months but they were all so expensive so you had stayed at the Avengers Tower.
   You cried out happy tears and kissed him with everything you hsd, because this sneaky little man was your beautiful man.



Hope you guys like this chapter, love Lisa

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