One Call Away- Steve

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I'm only one call away I'll be there to save the day, superman got nothing on me.
I'm only one call away.

2 weeks, 4 hours and 40 minutes.

That was how long time it was since you last had seen Steve, you had started college and while he was in New York you were in Boston. You missed him like crazy, his body, his lips and his 'I love you's. You were laying at the floor in your room, that you shared with a rather nice girl. Unfortunately she was just nice because she was high all the time, pity. You were looking at the ceiling while a picture of you and Steve was laying on your chest. Tears had started to form in your eyes, oh how much you missed him. You hadn't seen eachother for so long because of all his missions, he was supposed to come last friday but a misson got in the way. You were very happy that he saved the world every other day, but sometimes you needed him to save you (from boring homework).

3 hours and 53 minutes.

That was how much time it would take for him to come here or for you to get to him. It was a lot of time.

2 days.

That was how much time there was since the two of you talked. He just got home from a mission and you knew that he needed rest. So you gave him some space to heal, though you were losing your mind not hearing his voice.

1 button.

That was the amount of buttons you needed to press to hear his voice. How many times hadn't he said
"I am only one call away, okay ?"
You got up and grabbed your phone, then you pressed that one button. You started to get nervous, it felt like your first date. Whenever you see him you get these crazy butterflies in your stomach, and they never go away. No matter how many times you see him or how many times he say 'I love you', the butterflies are there to stay.

3 signals.

That was how many signals their was before he finally picked up.
"Y/N ?"
"I miss you Steve, I wish you were here."
"I know baby."
"I'm going crazy without you, please come."
"Open your door."

Your phone dropped to the floor and there was small 'thud'. You ran across the floor towards the door, and when you opened it you almost got knocked over by the smell of, Steve.
He was here, he was standing right infront of you, your beautiful Steve. You looked up at his smiling face before you walked into his warm embrace, his protective arms wrapped around you. You could feel his heart beat, it was a beautiful sound, because it meant that he was alive and that he was here with you. Tears were running down your face and you didn't know why, maybe it was because the love of your lige was standing right in front of you doing his best to wipe away your tears.
You dragged him into your room, he laughed when he looked around, you know he had never been here before. Your side of the room was filled with books and pictures of you and Steve and a couple of pictures that you had taken with your friends. He grabbed one of the pictures and got a huge grin on his face while he looked at it. The picture was taken on the day that he had asked you to be his girlfriend, you two were having a picnic by a small lake and there had been a lot of kissing and suddenly he just asked you. Ever since,the two of you had managed to keep up with eachothers crap.
You looked up at him with a smile on your face and after a couple of seconds his lips were pressed against yours. You had missed his lips, they were soft and gentle, they were perfect the two of you were like a puzzle. You had always believed in soulmates, the thought of knowing that you would find someone made you feel safe. You had always wanted your own love story, you wanted one that was like the ones in the movies and books. They were fantasy, imaginations. Though you and Steve weren't that, you were real and your love story couldn't be more perfect. It was like a roller coaster, there was up and downs but in the end everything worked and there was always love.

"What are you thinking about, sweetheart ?"
"Us, our love."
"It is pretty amazing, isn't it ?"
"It is perfect, it is everything I have ever wanted."

Lips were all over your body, on your neck, your collar bone and ofcourse your lips. His hands were wandering up your body and he carefully removed your shirt, and you removed his. His eyes were locked into yours, his eyes. The eyes that looked like a sea, they were deep and filled with surprises. Your hands were on his face and you just looked at him, time stopped. You looked at his eyes, his lips, his cheekbones, you looked at him.
And then you kissed him.

Clothes were laying on the floor, bodies were attached. Everything was silent and the only thing that was able to be heard, was the sound of you two breathing. You were laying on his bare chest, his fingers were playing with your hair. It was beautiful, he had come to see you at the time you needed him the most. And for the second time this week he had saved the world, except he had saved his world you.

Three words.

'I love you.'
Three words that could make your head spin, butterflies would be flying in your stomach. Whenever he said those exact three words, it made you fall in love again, everytime.

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