Ice Skating- Steve

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It had been snowing the whole night and the streets were covered by a thick layer of white snow, you loved winter and you especially loved when it was winter in New York. Ever since you and Steve had moved into the small apartment in the corners of Brooklyn, you had absolutely fallen inlove with New York.

So here you were, yelling at your boyfriend Steve to hurry up. Not that the two of you were in a hurry but you were very eager to get going because the two of you were going Ice Skating.

"Hurry up, Steve !" , you yelled as you put on your jacket. You heard footsteps running down the stairs and within a couple of seconds Steve was standing right infront of you, with no shirt on.

"Oh please, do you actually think the 'no shirt' thing will work ? Put on your shirt and your shoes because I'm leaving in five minutes !" , you muttred and threw his shoes at him. He always tried the 'no shirt' trick because he thought that you were so easily distracted, which you were but not today.

"Yes ma'am !", Steve said as he saluted. You let a small laugh escape your lips as he did that, you knew that you could be a bit bossy sometimes but someone had to.

You studied him as he put on his clothes, ever since the first time you saw him you had knew that he was the defination of perfect. He had his blonde hair that he always forgot to cut, so eventually it would fall in his face and you would do an attempt to braid it just to annoy him. Then we had his eyes, they were sea blue and you were sure that some day you would drown in them because you could look in them for hours.
   He often told you that he thought you looked perfect and you would always disagree. But now when you were standing here looking at him you couldn't help by wonder that if he looked at you the same way that you looked at him, because if that was the case you could almost understand that he thought that you looked perfect.

" Well I am done with getting dressed, are you done with staring ?", he said as he walked past you and opened the door. As soon as the cold air hit you, you woke up from your daydreaming. You couldn't help by wonder if it was odd to day dream about someone that already was yours, but on the other hand it was better to daydream about someone that you already had because then you could make all the dreams happen.

One of those dreams where to go Ice Skating with him, so that was what you were doing. You had been Ice Skating many times before but Steve had never done it, and what could be a better place to teach him other than Central Park ? You had started to put on your Ice Skates and when you looked at Steve, he just looked confused.

"Come on Captain, just put them on !" , you said to him as you laughed. He did as you said and when he finally was done with tying them, you grabbed his hand and helped him out on the ice. 

He almost fell but managed to find his balance just in time, which was lucky because if he would have fallen he would have dragged you down with him. You showed him how he was supposed to do and he did his best to mimic you, and after about an half hour he was getting really good. He was also acting like a little kid on christmas eve, but he was like a small kid in a mans body so that was okay.

"Look Darlin' I am spinning !" , he shouted to you as he tried to do a piruette and you tried to hold in your laugh. He looked absolutely ridiculous, imagine a full grown man that was 99% of just muscles trying to do a piruette. 

"You look ridiculous, Cap !" , you said to him as you skated closer to him. He let out a small laugh and then grabbed your hands and spun you around.

"Well I only do it so I can impress my girl." , he said as he bent down to kiss you. He was just about to kiss you when you ducked and skated away from him, you could hear him make a surprised sound when you disappeard and that made you laugh even more.

"If you want me, you'll have to catch me !" , you shouted at him as you went even faster. You didn't know if he was close but your guess was that he was pretty far behind since this was his first time on a pair of skates. You were just about to trun around and look for him when you felt a pair of hands on your waist.

"I will always catch you." , Steve said and you looked up at him in surprise, how did he catch up with you so fast ? You were just about to ask when it hit you, he was Captain America ofcourse he could skate. He looked down at you and gave you a smirk, cheeky little bastard.

"You better.", you said and then you kissed him. You could hear all the little kids around you make puking noises but you didn't care a bit. After the kiss he grabbed your hand and started to dance with you 

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