Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas my loves, may it be full of joy and love. Take care of your loved ones and ofcourse your self.

Here is a very short christmas preference for all of you.


Christmas was all about family for you two, the first couple of years you had spent it with your family, but this year you were spending it with your kids. They loved christmas like every other child on this special day, we all know the saying " I feel like a child on christmas eve ". You spent the day baking ginger cookies, wrapping the last couple of presents when the kids weren't watching, stealing a few kisses from your beloved husband and blasting christmas music all day long. The joy of the night was watching your kids open their presents, who knew that an object could bring so much happiness to a person. Though at the end of the night, your kids were cuddling beside the two of you rather than playing with their toys, while you and your husband shared looks of complete happiness and love. You had everything you had ever wanted, two amazing children and a husband who would have moved mountains gor you.


We all know how hard Bucky's life has been, but at christmas time he completely changed. Maybe the time brought back loving memories from his childhood or the years he had spent running around Brooklyn at christmas time with Steve. Whatever it was that brought out his christmas spirit, you loved every second of it. He decorated the whole apartment in fairy lights and went out and bought the biggest christmas tree that you had ever seen. When the time had come to decorate the tree you had to sit on his shoulder to even be able to decorate it, but you didn't complain at all especially not when he eventually put you down and kissed you under every misteltoe he had put in the apartment, which was a lot of misteltoes especially in the bedroom.
Christmas was all about love and misteltoes for the two of you.

Loves, this was just something I threw togheter so it is not that good and sorry about my grammar haha but I am very tired. In sweden christmas is tomorrow but wherever you are at this lovely time of year may your day be filled with love.

Even if you are not celebrating christmas and you are just having a normal day, I hope it is a brilliant one.

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