What He Does When You're On Yor Period

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What he does when you are on your period and most likely ready to kill someone.


At first he was a bit creeped out because back in the days, women wouldn't talk about their periods. You were the complete opposite, you would scream all over the apartment that you needed tampons or pads, Steve would run around down stairs being all stressed out while he tried to figure out what he would do with you. In the end he would run to the grocery store and buy you hundreds of diffrent packages, just to make sure that you had everything you needed. He would also buy you lots of chocolate and some roses, just to make sure that he was on your good side. You would most likely lay in his arms while he gently stroke your stomach, and ofcourse you would have a disney marathon.


Just like Steve, Bucky would be kind of freaked out when you mentioned 'code red'. But since you were an emotional unstable wreck this special week, and ready to snap someones neck as soon as they touched you, he would buy you all kinds of different things from flowers to mozzarella sticks. You weren't a big fan of being touched by anyone while being on your period but you could always make an exception for Bucky because, well he was Bucky and you loved 'bucky cuddles'.

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