You Get Hurt- Bucky

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It was a normal saturday, everything had been going perfect all day. You had been studying since Bucky was on a mission and it was always harder to study when he was there with you, because you got distracted very easy. Now that you were done you decided to make dinner, you knew that Bucky would come home tonight and what better way is it to celebrate if not by eating pasta ?
You started to boil up some water and sighed when you saw that the pasta was on the top shelf, the one you couldn't reach by just standing on your toes. So you did what every decent person would have done, you grabbed a chair. Little did you know that that was the chair Bucky had been telling you to get rid of, because it was broken and very unsteady.

When you stood on the chair you realizedthat exact thing, except you did not do what a decent person would have. A decent person would have walked down and grabbed another chair, but since you weren't decent you didn't move because you thought that nothing would happen. While standing on that chair you realized one thing, you were really short. Even with a chair you couldn't reach the pasta so unfortunately you had to stand on your toes, let's just say that at that moment you knew that you had been stupid.
You felt how one of the chair's legs broke and before you could blink you felt how your head hit the kitchen table that was right behind you.

Darkness swallowed you.

Bucky's pov.

It had been a rough week and Bucky couldn't wait until he got home to you. He had been on a mission with the rest of the avengers, apparently a couple of Hydra agents had tried to attempt the experiments that had been done on Bucky, they didn't succeed but a lot of people still got hurt.
So for him it was relief when he thought of you and your warm lips, all this stuff with Hydra had made him vulnerable. Mostly because he got so many flashbacks from his time at Hydra. As he walked up the stairs that led to your apartment, he got a bad feeling in his stomach. But it was washed away as soon as he walked in, mostly because he could smell something being cooked or maybe it smelled like something was burning ? He rushed to the kitchen and saw that the stove was on fire, he let out a sound as he looked for you. He knew that you would never in a million years, leave hot water on the stove. The fire was getting worse and the smoke was getting thicker. Bucky grabbed the nearest bucket and filled it with water and splashed it on to the fire, soon everything was under control but he still couldn't find you.

You were not in the kitchen so he started walking to the bathroom and he gasped when he saw you, you were laying in a small pool of blood on the bathroom floor. He rushed to your side and put your head in his lap.

"Y/N wake up, doll !" He grabbed some paper and held it against your head where all the blood was coming from. He noticed that most of the blood was coming from a gash on your forehead which made a wave of relief wash over him. He was glad that most of the blood wasn't coming from the back of your head, because he didn't like hospitals very much.

"Y/N doll, I need you to wake up and tell me what happend." He whispered as he started to wash your wound. He put some bandage on it and wrapped some around your head so it would stop bleeding from the back of your head. Bucky lifted you carefully and carried you to the couch, where he carefully laid you. He then walked in to the kicthen and noticed a few things that he didn't see before. In front of your kitchen table was the broken chair and on the floor there was a pile of pasta. Bucky soon realized what happend and mumbled that you had been and idiot. Mostly because he was very scared of losing you especially to pasta.

Your pov.

You blinked a few times when the bright light hit you, then you blinked a few more times when you noticed Bucky sitting beside you, your legs was in his knee and his eyes were stuck on the tv.

"Hello soldier, missed me ?" You said with a smile and when he turned around he gave you a smile but not the Bucky smile more of the -imverymadatyoubutIloveyou- kind of smile.

"Listen here I wanted to make us pasta because you know how much I love pasta but then I couldn't reach it so I decided why not grab a chair, ofcourse I didn't know that I grabbed the broken chair you've been telling me about for months now, then I fell and hit my head." You took a deep breath and continued.

"Then when I woke up I was so scared that I may have burnt down the apartment , which I hadn't. So I made my way to the bathroom to get cleaned up when I fainted, and here I am." You took a deept breath and was about to continue and tell him how sorry you were when you felt his lips smash against yours.

"Doll, I do not really care how it happend but I never want you to scare me like that ever again." He pulled you closer and now your head was on his chest, you loved hearing the sound of his heart beating.

"Good to know." You smiled and snuggled closer to him.

"Y/N ?" He said and you let out a small sound so he would realize that you had heard.

"You did almost burn the apartment down."

A/N I honestly thought this would be super short but no no. Or maybe it was ? Is this a good legnth for an imagine or do I need to make them longer ? Steve's one will be up in a couple of days. I don't know if you have noticed but I do an imagine, preference, imagine so on.
Xo. Lisa

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