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What he does for your birthday.


When it was your birthday, Steve would wake you up at 9.00 am and then he would take you out for breakfast. Then he would give you some small gifts, this year he gave you a book that you had wanted for ages.  You didn't know why but you had never been to Disneyland so when Steve took you there, you were as happy as anyone could be. He bought you a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and he bought a pair of Mickey Mouse ears for himself ( he secretly wanted the Minnie Mouse ones.) Then for dinner he took you to this cute little resturant, you ate pizza so in other words, everything was perfect.


At first you had thought that he had forgotten about your birthday, but no. He had gathered all of your friends including the avengers, and had decorated your whole apartment in baloons and happy birthday stuff. So when you got home that night you almost got a heart attack, when Bucky came to hug you, you wouldn't let go. He gave you a box of chocolate and a pair of diamond earrings, which you loved. Then when it was only the two of you left you and him sat on the floor surrounded by candles, he would kiss you every five seconds and tell you how much he loved you and tell you how he thought you deserved everything.


Still having a writers block, but I just thought I would make this. Though it didn't turn out as good as I wanted. 

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