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Hello everyone, long time no see..

Unfortunately that is all on me, I fon't have a valid reason but I will try to explain why I haven't been uploading.

I am a person who gets obsessed a (hella) lot , for example last week it was Teen Wolf and now it's Jack Maynard. It is kind of fun but when it comes to writing it's basically a disease. I was so excited about writing this book and thought it was so much fun, and I love writing. But unfortunately after a few weeks I started to lose interest in both The Avengers and this book. I tried so hard to write but it just wasn't any fun.
   I hate to lose interest that fast because I want to be able to complete things every now and then , but no. I am watching like 23 tv shows at the same times because I get so bored of watching them after a while.
   I really do hope you lovely people can bare with me, I really want to write but I can't find the happiness in it.

On top of that I have become a really stressed and anxious person again. I say again because during the summer life was good I had no anixety and I wasn't feeling stressed. But now I have started to become more of those things, my little problem with bacterias is coming back which I hate, my self esteem is literally at 0.
This year is my last year before I go to the Gymnasium here in Sweden, I am 15 and I am graduating next year and then we start again at other schools for three years and then you can go to University after that for like 3-5 years ( look it up if you want ). So my grades are more important than ever if I want to go to the school I want to and that shit is stressing me out.
  It is also going much worse in school than ever before and this is the year everything counts and I'm just like what the actual frick.

Summery: I am stressed af and have no inspiration whatsoever.


P.s Do any of you guys watch Summer Mckeen or Dylan Jordan because they are togheter and that is basically the happiest thing in my life atm

Does anyone know if Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer have broken up, because they were my otp and I love them so much.


Please no hate against Madison Beer in the comments because I love her and I think that she is amazing.

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