Ave and I were equally good at this game. We usually ended with a difference of a few percentage points, but Ave and I were pretty much tied with past wins. So far we were tied with a perfect score. I then heard Dan shout "You can do it Sky!" Which made me push myself harder. I focused and tried my best and ended up beating Avery with a 100% score. I only beat her by 1% but I was still happy.

"Great job, Sky!" Dan said before hugging me. This hug was tighter and lingered on for a longer time. I think he realized too and slowly let go before staring into my eyes again. I felt the world slow down as he leaned in.


Sky ended up beating Avery by one point. Well, I think it's a point. It might just be by one percent. I complimented Sky and gave her a hug, which lingered for a while. I let go when I realized just how long we were embracing each other. I started leaning in to kiss her, but Luke interrupted us.

"Damn, you looked sexy as hell dancing!" He directed at Avery, causing me to straighten out quickly. Sky started laughing after Avery pinched Luke and he cried out in pain. We made our way into the movies and I paid for Sky and My own ticket. Luke insisted on paying for himself and Avery. Now that's new. He must be trying to get into her pants. We found out seats at the back of the theater, which filled up pretty quickly. "Since I paid for your ticket do I get a little reward?" Luke asked, leaning into Avery and closing his eyes. Avery quickly put her fist up and Luke kissed it. I guess he thought it was her lips because he tried using tongue. Avery then shouted "Ew!" Luke opened his eyes and quickly leaned back in his seat. I could only imagine his face turning red in the dark theater.


"I knew I'd like her," Sky said excitedly from beside me as we walked out of the theater. I decided to give my own input. "Well I feel bad for the crow. Poor little guy doesn't seem to age or have anyone for himself." Luke laughed at me. "There's no way he didn't get it on with the creepy fairy lady. She's in control of him so she probably used him for her sexual needs," he explained. All three of us stared at him. "He's a crow, stupid. He wouldn't be into it," Ave said before telling us that she was going to go to the washroom quickly. She told us that she'd meet us back at the cars and made her way in.

Luke being the creep he is followed Ave until a large security woman popped out of nowhere and started flirting with him. Sky and I walked towards our cars while talking about what we enjoyed about the movie. When we got to the cars we suddenly got quiet. I looked at Sky and her face was flushed. She was looking at me too. She tried to look away but I stopped her with my finger. "Don't be shy," I said quietly. Sky looked back at me and smiled. "You're so beautiful," I said quietly enough that I could barely hear it.

"You really think I'm beautiful? She said looking up at me. Apparently she has great hearing. "Yes I do. You are probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." I said truthfully. "Well you're the most handsome guy I've ever seen in real life." She said back quietly. Her voice was so soft but it had a sexy ring to it. This time I was the one who was surprised because Sky pulled me down and kissed me. I automatically responded to the kiss. This time the kiss started out small, but then grew into a deeper one. After a while I licked her bottom lip. I guess that's what you do to deepen the kiss? She opened her mouth and let my tongue slip in.

She tasted amazing. She tasted like warm milk with a little bit of honey. I never experienced such an amazing kiss. We made out for a while. I heard her gently moan into my mouth a bit and I realized that my hands were on her hips and her arms were wrapped around my neck. I also felt a little moan erupt from the back of my throat. My 'friend' started to get a little excited so I slowly ended the kiss. My lips left Sky's gently and we both smiled as we stared into each other's eyes. Just then, we heard the clacking of heels coming from beside us.

"Who the hell accidentally walks into the lady's restrooms?" I heard Avery shout. "It was an accident! Any one would have made that mistake!" Luke yelled back. "Only a three year old would make that mistake. Actually, not even a three year old would make that mistake. There's a freaking girl picture on the door and it clearly says "Girls" on it. "Well I'm sorry I'm not a genius!" Luke shouted back again. "You're right. You're not a genius, smart, average, or even stupid. You're just a complete perverted idiot!" Avery screamed back again as they came into view. I was trying not to laugh and I could tell that Sky was trying too.

"Ready to go Sky?" Avery asked smiling as if nothing had happened. "Sure. Can I just take one picture? I want to remember how much fun we had." Sky asked. It was dark out so we couldn't see much, but sky set the timer on her camera and put it on Avery's car. We all huddled up and the camera started beeping, warning us that the picture would be taken soon. I smiled and wrapped my arm around Sky's waist. Right when the flash went off, I heard the sound of a slap and a "Hey!" I looked over at Avery and Luke and they looked angry. I went to see the picture and started laughing along with Sky. Luke had his hands on Avery's butt and she was slapping him with her mouth open in shock. Sky and me actually looked nice in this picture. I whispered for her to send it to me and she nodded.

As Avery got into her car Sky quickly pecked me on the lips and ran to the passengers seat. I smiled and got into the drivers seat of my car. Luke was sitting in the passengers seat with his hand on the right side of his face where Avery had slapped. He looked happy for whatever reason. I turned on the radio and began drove home thinking about how much fun I'd just had.

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