-Peter's P.O.V -(I tried my best getting it as accurate with the resources I had and I changed a few things. Don't hate if I missed an important line or something)
"Nice job kid!" Tony complimented. Awesome landing, getting complimented by Tony stark, best day ever.

"Thanks. Could've stuck on the landing a little better, it's just the new suit!-wait it's nothing, Mr. Stark. It's perfect. Thank you" I chattered. Hope I didn't hurt the old man's feelings.

"Yeah, we don't really need to start a conversation" Tony stated.

"Okay. Cap-Captain, big fan. Spider-Man." I said pointing at myself.

"Yeah, we'll talk about it later." Tony demanded. Woops. I all of sudden went into dream world. I started thinking about if I told y / n I was Spider-Man. I wonder if she would freak or she would love me. Your over exaggerating, Peter. Then I heard the words...

"We fight"

"This isn't gonna end well" We all started walking towards each other.

"They're not stopping" I commented.

"Neither are we"

Oh snap. We were all lined up ready to go against each other. I started running faster and faster. Next thing I know as I'm swinging, I get hit with a car. I noticed a women using some sort of control power. I quickly jumped over the next car. Then another object gets thrown at me which causes me to fall.


I then see Falcon and Bucky running in a building. I swing towards them and break into the window. I start fighting Falcon. I'm fighting an avenger.

Then another dude tries to take a punch at me, but I stop his arm. His metal arm.

"You have a metal arm. That's awesome dude." I say. I wish I had one.

Then Falcon picks me up and we're flying.

"You have the right to remain silence" I yelled trying to be like a police officer. Then I find a way to break from him. I land on some ceiling connector. Next thing I know, my Spidey Senses tell me there's something coming from behind. I duck. It was a big piece of something.

"Oh god!" I exclaimed. I thought of perfect plan.

"Hey, buddy I think you lost this" I blasted throwing the big piece of something.

Then falcon knocks me down off the ceiling connector,  but I web up and take down his flying system. I web his hand to the stair handle and the 2 perfect dorks stand there so I push them of the stairs. Good one, Peter.

"Guys look, I love to keep this up, but I have only one job and it's to impress Mr. Stark. So I am really sorry-what?!" I said then noticing I got thrown out the window by a flying maniac. So I cut the web and fell down. I noticed Cap. Geez, many things happening at once.

"Cap, hello" I smiled. Fanboying.

"Kid, this is a game you don't understand" Captain America said to me. TO ME.

"Stark said you would say that" I assured  webbing his feet together. He then started attacking me. I'm fighting Captain America!!!!!

"He said go for the legs" I spoke once I got him to slow down on the fighting. He stopped.

"Stark tell you anything else?" Cap asked.

"That you're wrong, and that you think you're right. Which makes you dangerous." We continued fighting. I climbed up to this airplane thing connector.

He then threw his shield up to where I was standing, and it hit me and I fell hard. I fell under the airplane connector, and got up. Cap threw his shield at the bases; which held it up and I managed to hold it before it could smash me dead.

"Where you from?" Captain questioned.

"Queens" I stated still holding the thingy.


Then Cap left.

But that shield hits hard let me say.

After fighting for about for a minute, a big object appeared all a sudden. It was a body, it was Ant-Man.

"Holy s***" I cursed. Woops, language.

Then giant ant man swapped War machine out of his way; throwing him towards the airplane. war machine was going fast, and he wasn't stopping.

"I got it" I caught War machine with my web. So I just flew with him until we were by ant man. I wrapped my web around Ant man's arm.

"Hey, guys you ever seen that really old movie Empire Strikes back? You remember that one awesome part!...." I exclaimed tieing web around ant man legs. Hopefully, they see my plan.

"The kid gots something" Tony implied catching my plan. Then iron man and war machine dived right into ant man which caused him to fall onto the plane.

"I need some orange slices" Ant Man commented.

"Yes that was awesome!" I bragged then realizing I was gonna crash into some wooden boxes.



"Take a break, kid." Tony commanded. I was lying down on the cold floor.

"Mr. Stark, wait. I'm not done! Im not-okay I'm done. I'm done!" I tried to get up. Instead I just laid there, and laid like a sexy model.

I wonder if y / n would find this attractive?....

And I guess that was my fight with the Avengers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thank you for reading!!!! Short chapter! Hope you like this one! I just realized that Peter says "hey everyone" after he talks to cap.... whoops... Took some time to make, getting it accurate and stuff. Please vote and comment, be free to message me too!!! Love ya bye!~ × Natty ×


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