- Peter's P.O.V - ✔

Previously on Spider-Boy (I just wanna be annoying sorry not sorry)
"You wanna go on a date?!" I said. Yes!!!!! I SAID FINALLY!!!!


Y/n stood there frozen. Please say yes.

"Uh-Uh-uh.... um. Yes! " Y / n exclaimed. Oh, my holy watermelons! Oh, my freakn gosh. Holy crap. Holy Spider-Man. Oh my gosh...  Speechless.

Say something, Parker.


"Great! Um, yeah thank you! " I replied. Sorry, it just came out. C'mon Peter, you could do better. Thank you, what the crap is that to say in this situation. It sounds like you've been desperate all your life.

"W-what day? " Y / n asked. Next Friday, nah. Tomorrow, um I guess... Where?! Uh, there's that one place that serves Latin food. The Blend, she loves that one!

"Um, tomorrow at The Blend " I rubbed the back of my neck. Darn it, I always do that when I am really shy. Really.

"Alright, what time? " Y/n smiled. Flawless. Perfect.

"Six at night."

"Okay!" We just stood there looking around. Say something, Benjamin!

"Uh, uh this is awkward," Great going, Peter. Something, that is really something to say. We both laughed. I took a quick glance at my watch, eight-thirty. Snap, I need to get home to Aunt May before she freaks because when she freaks out, I freak out and the world goes freaks out too.

"Oh, ah I gotta go home. Aunt May is gonna get worried! " I exclaimed.

"Alright, yeah!" I don't wanna leave her here alone, that wouldn't be a gentlemen thing. And that's just plain rude. (Rudd)

"Let's get going!" I said grabbing her hand. We started run-walking. Still holding hands, yes! But time is ticking.

"Hey, wanna run home?!" I questioned looking straight into y/n's face.

"Yes!" Y / n answered. We then started running through the park while holding hands. It's gonna start getting really crowded of people soon. No one was around, so might as well swing across town to get home. I took my mask out and put it on.

"Let's take a quick spin! " I said grabbing y/n by the waist and taking her up with me to the buildings.

"Hold on," I shouted. We swung building to building. Just like every single other day of my life, but this time wit y/n. Y/n rested her head against my shoulder. Aw...blushing.

"Do you like it? " I asked.

"No, are you kidding me", what, "I love it! " That's what I thought!

"So this is what it's like to be Spider-Man " Y / n pointed out loud. You have no idea.

"Yes, but this is just the easy part. "

We arrived at our apartment's rooftop and I let her down. I took off my mask as I started focusing on my date for tomorrow. I noticed y / n was leaning against barriers at the edge of the rooftop. Maybe a little too close. I pulled her towards me with my web, very close. I gave a smirk for an excellent idea. I started leaning in because let's face it, dates make you girlfriend and boyfriend. Then y / n started leaning in, we were almost there.

"We got a robbery in the jewelry department on 25th street. Repeat we got a robbery in the jewelry department on 25th street!" I stopped and so did y / n. Damn it, stupid frequency radio!

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