-Y/ n's P.O.V -
"Zing!!!" Ugh, I really need a new alarm. I got up and went to my bathroom and took a shower. I usually wake up about 6 am, and school starts at 7:15 am. I walk to school with Peter, unless we're so late then May gives us a ride. I got out of the shower and changed to my clothes (Pic). Then I brushed my teeth and got my hair in a messy bun with a braid because today I was very sleepy.sleepy . 


I quickly grabbed some Poptarts-WAIT WHAT! ? Uh, Peter...! He's such a good friend.

I grabbed my backpack and left. I locked the door and turned around to see a sleepy Peter Parker.

"Hey!" I said.

"Hi, geez I need more sleep...." he barely could keep his eyes open. We headed to elevator, he pushed the button and he let me in first.

"Thank you" I smiled. It was quiet until we reached outside of the doors. It smelled like morning. Ew.

"So, Pete? I noticed there was food in my refrigerator?! Did you?" I questioned.

"Yeah, I know you would have nothing to eat for breakfast so I got some food for you" He admitted. Peter pulled something out of his backpack, it was some starburst.

"Want some?" Peter requested.

"Heck ya!" I exclaimed. Peter gave me a pink one, I love those!

Midtown high school is only like 10 minutes away from our apartments.

I remembered about yesterday night.

"What happened yesterday is only between me and you" I professed.

"Got you"

- In stupid unnecessary school-
When we arrived, we went to our lockers. We had the same locker hall, but not the same wall. He was across from me. They randomly choose people for each locker hall, and we were very lucky, since my last name was Barton and his was Parker.

I started taking things out of my backpack into my locker because I didn't like to carry my bag around, but Peter did. Almost every single second of the day he has his bag. He should name it.

"Hey, Peter Parker! What are you gonna name your backpack?" I smiled. He laughed from the other side of the hall.

"Haha funny." He sarcastically said, " I'll name it..... Taylor! "

"Taylor Lautner" I joked. He laughed again.

"Good one"

We then closed our lockers and went to Homeroom. We had homeroom and some other classes together.

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