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I woke up to see a familiar face. I smiled. Peter was still sleeping like a baby, holding me tight, wish I could sleep like that.

 Peter was still sleeping like a baby, holding me tight, wish I could sleep like that

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Last night was very weird. First of all, we were watching a movie and having our couple moment, but then we started teasing each other and running throughout the whole apartment. Next, I know, Peter and I started having a full on make out session. Right after that, we just feel asleep in each other's arms.It was an amazing night though.

"Good morning," Peter's morning voice said. I beamed a smile at him.

"Good morning," I replied.

"So, whatcha wanna do today?" Peter asked. Walk in the park, naw. Picnic, naw. Movie, naw. Library, yes.

"We should go to the library!" I exclaimed.

"Sounds great. I'll try to make breakfast" he said. Then I saw a shirtless Peter Parker get up right in front of me. He put on a black shirt. Geez, I have a hot boyfriend.

I got up and walked to the kitchen with Peter. I sat on the stool while he put on the pink apron and started cooking. I laughed and Peter glared at me.

"What, pink looks good on me!" Parker giggled. Haha, so adorkable!

I then went on my phone and looked at my notifications. Five messages. Five new YouTube vids. Thirty new likes on an Instagram photo. Five new emails. Two story updates. (HEHE)

I looked at my messages first.

(4) Harry the sleeping beauty
(1) Unknown Number

I check Harry's first.



I texted

You two making out or something

Well anyways, can you come at 6 pm to help set up plz :)))

Sure, we'll be there! You need anything?

I texted

Naw... See you then

Yeah bye


Then I looked at the unknown number.

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