Omg. Hi. 

I just wanna say this book is now on construction with editing. Each chapter that is finished and edited well have this (a/n: AS OF JULY 6TH 2017, IT IS NOW COMPLETED AND FINISH.)


1. You forgot your camera dummy

-Peter's P.o.v-✔

Second of all, hope I didn't break your feels in this story.

Third of all, I just wanna say another big thank you for everything! You've guys have made this book have about 25K reads and 1K votes!!!! That is so amazing!!! I never believe this book would be impacted sooo much!!! It makes me soo HAPPY!!!

I can't wait to continue this series! So see ya later! 😋❤

Sequel to Spider-Boy (A Peter Parker Fan Fiction) [CIVIL WAR] coming October 24, 2016.

Here's a teaser

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Here's a teaser.
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