-Peter's P.O.V -✔ (I tried my best getting it as accurate with the resources I had and I changed quite a few things)
I went in and I had my attention on my phone as I walked in the kitchen.

"Peter, how was your day?" I heard my Aunt's voice.

"Okay, I guess. I had pizza that was good. A fight that I was involved in, nothing physical though. " I said as I looked up and saw Tony Stark and Aunt May sitting on the couch.

"Oh my goodness, Tony Stark. I-i'm im Peter. Um um what-what are you doing here?" I said nervously putting my hand on my head. Wtf tony stark in my living room, y / n and harry gonna hear this.

"About time we met. You get emails right?" Tony said winking. Winking???? Tony stark in my living room winking? Chessy....?

"Yeah yeah the...?-"

"You didn't tell me about the grant!" May said cutting me off and saving my life. Wooof!

"Yeah, my program." Tony added, "Grants for great students like you" Me? No....! Hard work, paid off!

"You didn't tell me anything, why Peter?" May asked me. She looked happy and curious to why I hadn't told her.

"I-I just know how much you love surprises, anyway what did I apply for" I asked looking at Mr. Stark. Still yet curious and confused about this situation.

"That's what I am here to talk about, tell you more about this program." Tony spoke.

"Oh yeppie!" Aunt May cheered. She looked so excited.

"Can I borrow him for a second?" Tony questioned my aunt.


He then signaled me to show him my bedroom. I walked to my room and opened the door. I looked down to see my underwear on the ground. I quickly picked it up and threw into my closet. Tony locked the door.

"Uh-oh...im in t-" I got cut off by Tony.

"As far walnut bake loafs go, that wasn't bad. Wait, it was" He said spitting it out of his mouth.

"Hey, that's my Aunt May your talking about" No one makes fun of my Aunt.

"Yeah cool" Tony replied making his way to my desk.

Oh no.

"Oh hellooooo, what we got here?" Tony asked, "Retro tect huh? Thrift store? Salvation Army?" He was looking at my radio frequency.

"Got it out of the garbage actually" I added. I kinda did get most of the parts out of the dumpster.

"You're a dumpster diver?" He asked.

"Yeah, anyways, look I definitely did not apply for anything that you were talk-"

"Uh, me first. " He cut me off. Geez....


"Quick question of rhetorical variety....." He pulled out his phone which had a holographic video playing a blue, red an-oh...snaapppp.

"That's you" Yeah, I'm Spider-Man, nice to meet you. Want some terribly made walnut bake loaf? Sorry May, it does kinda taste terrible.

"Um, no.." I said nervously. Please fall for it.

"Yeah, look at you go. Wow nice catch, 3000 pounds, 50 miles an hour. That's not easy! You got mad skills." He said looking at me catch a car from hitting a bus of civilians. Thank you, Spider strength. Wanna touch my bad ass muscles?

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