-Peter's P.O.V.-

-3 Months Later-
It's been exactly ninety-one days since I've made contact with Mr. Threatening Dude. He really should keep track of people he needs to get back at. It's also been ninety-one days since Y / n and I started dating. It's like a dream come true. Ten dates so far. We made our relationship publicly towards the last month of school. WHICH WAS THE LAST YEAR OF OUR LIVES GOING TO SCHOOL.  Harry told us that he knew we'd be a thing and he still hangs out with us in the summer, but right now it's just girlfriend and boyfriend time.

"Peter! Where'd you put the chips!!!" Y / n yelled from the kitchen.

"They're in our room, by the drawers!" Yeah, we live together. I moved into Y / n's apartment, which is the best thing ever! Aunt May said she wouldn't mind, as well as y / n's parents.

Then Y / n walked across the living room to get to the room. She was wearing her pj shorts and a shirt (pic). I whistled as she came back with the potato chips, just to make her blush.

"Sit down babe," I motioned her to sit by me on the couch. She sat.

"I told you to not call me that!" Y / n exclaimed.

"Sorry, I just like to get you mad!" I smiled. She smiled as well.

"Continue shall we?" Y / n smirked.

"Continue," I smiled. I then un-paused the movie and continued watching. She laid her head on my chest while placing her arms around me. I smiled like an idiot up to the ceiling.

-After the movie-
"Oh my gosh! That was the best movie ever!!!"

Y / n stood waking me up. Whoops, mighta sorta maybe feel asleep during the movie.

"Oh yeah..." I said trying to go on with what she said.

"So, what are we gonna do now!?..." Y/n asked.

"Dinner...?"  I was hungry, to be honest.

"Yes! What should we order?" Y / n stated. I looked at her and smiled. I think we both are thinking of the same thing.

"Pizza, " we both said at the same time. We both laughed. Then Y / n got up and retrieved her phone.

"Pepperoni?" Y /n questioned.

"Ye, babe," I smirked. Y / n gave me her mad face, it was cute though. Then she went off to the kitchen. I was bored so I decided to text Harry.

Whatcha you doing...?

I texted.

Nothing... Just laying in my bed watching TV. What are you doing?

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