-Peter's P.O.V- ✔
I'm not just a regular 17 year old boy, I'm Spider-Man. Yeah.... It just happened without me knowing, my life changed. I was bitten by a radioactive spider that granted my powers. My two priorities now our my life and saving the city. I live with my Aunt May in Queens, New York and I go to Midtown high school with my best friend Y/N. I'm actually the top of all my classes.

Y/n and I have been best friends since birth, and still to this day, But I haven't told her "my secret". I want to tell her, but I keep thinking that she wouldn't want to be friends with a spider dude.

Ugh, Peter! When are you gonna have the guts to tell her! And not just that I'm Spider-Man, but that I'm in love with her.

One day in late spring when were like 14 and 15, we decided to go to the river. That day I realized how beautiful she was, not just beautiful, but smart. She was always behind me in the top students of the classes, and she was into photography as well.

That's when my life changed, not just puberty, but I started being awkward around her. I'm not sure if she's in love with me or not, and I don't want to break our friendship, so I just stay quiet.

We just arrived from eating hot dogs to watching King Kong. I noticed she put her legs on my thighs. So I decided to my legs on the coffee table. Then my phone started ringing, it was my go-save-the-civilians ring. 

"No!!!" I yelled, "Sorry, I just.... let me take this".

I knew what I needed to do, I got up and went to the kitchen to see what's happening on my phone.

It said Brooklyn, New York robbery at the New Bank. I have this system where I get frequencies from the police station's radios and that's how I save people. But I feel bad that I have to leave y/n, but people need my help.

"Hey, I have to go. I'm soooo sorry, maybe we can plan this another night. Bye" I grabbed my stuff and ran out quickly.  I pushed the elevator button many times, but it was barely coming up from the first floor.

"Screw it!" I ran to the stairs and went up. Once I was on the rooftop, I pulled my shirt and my pants off. Then I got my mask from my backpack and placed it on. I hid my backpack behind the furnace.

"Let's go kick some bad guys' as*es"

I threw my webs at the building and swung across the city. See this part of my job is fun, getting shot at, not so much.

"Robbers using civilians as hostages." The radio said. Last time someone did that, they ended up in jail.

I swung faster, I could see cop cars and an  audience of civilians.

"It's spider Man!!!!!" Someone yelled, which caused everyone to chant my name. I smirked.

"Woohoo!" I screamed.

"Spider-Man taking action at scene bank robbery" the radio said.

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