5. I kissed Y / n

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-Peter's P.O.V- ✔
I was sooo happy, like said, but I can't believe I kissed her! It felt so unreal....

I swung to her bedroom window and went in, but before I did I decided to get her some food. There was a dude walking by the sidewalk with a white box. I swung down. He looked stunned.

"Can I have your food please?" I asked.

"Y-yes!" He smiled.

"Thank you, now run off" I said handling him some of my web. I quickly swung to y/n's window, and went in. I opened the box to find some Chinese food

"Perfect, her favorite" I said. I grabbed a marker and wrote, Y/n's - Peter : ) .

I was about to walk out, then realizing I have my suit on. I quickly put on my pants and shirt on top of my suit. Then I stuffed my mask in my backpack. I checked myself in the mirror, I gave myself a thumbs up.


I walked out to find y/n on the floor, shucks!

I looked to make sure she wasn't looking and swung across the room with my web shooters to the kitchen; which was straight across her room. I quietly threw my backpack on the ground, and quickly put her food in the refrigerator.

"Y/n, what the freak??? Are you okay?!" I walked in the room. I picked her up and set her on the couch, she was very light or maybe it's just me because I'm Spider-Man.

"Where were you! " I asked playing along like I didn't know.

"You're not gonna believe it! " she exclaimed, "I met Spider-Man." Your not gonna believe it, I'm Spider-Man.

"That's cool" I didn't know what to say.

"What do you mean that's cool, it's amazing, it's spectacular! " She yelled. Woops, wrong move, Parker.

"It is" I tried to act normal, and pretend I wasn't Spider-Man.

"But it was sooo amazing!" She dreamily said. I wonder if she has a slight clue I'm Spider-Man.

"But where have you been! " I marveled. I tried to think if I wasn't in the situation.

"Okay, so first I was gonna go get some food from the market, but then I got kidnap" she spoke. I looked at her crazy, that's why she was kidnap?

"I know right? ??????"

"What the fr - " I said before she cut me off.

"Shush, I'm speaking. Then guess what!?"

"Wh - "

"Shush!!! Spider-Man saved me and he took me for a swing. ......uhhhh. ..he's soooo cute, I wonder what he looks like underneath the mask. Yeah and......" she motioned me to lean in, and I started staring at her lips, "We kissed."

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