-Y/n's P.O.V - ✔
"Wait, how does he know where I live?" I said. I tried to look for him, but he was already gone.

"He's Spider-Man though... He knows everything? Right??? Omg, I need to tell Peter! " I looked back at the moon, to see how big and beautiful it looked. Then I went in through the window, thank god I left it unlock. As I placed my second leg in, I fell.

"Ow" I groaned. I laid there for a couple seconds.

"Y/n, what the freak? Are you okay?!" Peter exclaimed coming from the kitchen. He helped me up on the couch, surprisingly he didn't struggle.

"Where were you!" He asked. I just realized that I was with Spider-Man a minute ago.

"You're not gonna believe it!" I beamed, "I met Spider-Man."

"That's cool." He replied.

"What do you mean that's cool, it's amazing, it's spectacular!!!" I exclaimed. He must be jealous.

"It is" he said smiling and staring up at the ceiling. Since when did he know the feeling, oh wait, let me guess Spider-Man is his best friend!

"But it was sooo amazing! !" I dreamily said.

"But where have you been!!!!?" Peter marveled.

"Okay, so first I was gonna go get some food from the market, but then I got kidnap" I spoke. He looked at me crazy.

"I know right????...."

"What the fr- " he said before I cut him off.

"Shush, I'm speaking. Then guess what!?"


"Shush!!!!!! Spider-Man saved me and he took me for a swing....uhhhh....he's soooo cute, I wonder what he looks like underneath the mask. Yeah and...." I motioned him to lean closer, "We kissed."

Peter turned red.

"Geezzz, someone had a day...." Peter smiled. I think he doesn't believe me.

"No!!! Really!!!!!" I said, "I promise!!!! Right out that window, he hugged and kissed me"

"I believe you! Lucky guy.... " he smirked.

"Are you jealous, Peter?" I asked.

"No, I just....um....um.....I was-uh..... OH look at the time!!!" Peter looked at his watch, "We have school tomorrow!!! Tuesday night, Aunt May is making roast beef tonight, got to go!!" Peter stuttered. He got up and grabbed his backpack. I noticed something red inside.

"BYE, Y/N!!!" He waved and closed the door.

Omg, I kissed Spider-Man.

"Wow." I said. I went to the kitchen and open the refrigerator to find a box. It was a small white box that had a note that read, Y/n -Peter : ) .

I opened it to find some Chinese food. Mmm..... thank you, Parker.

I started eating, best thing I've ever ate. After I finished, I went to bed after brushing my teeth.

I turned off my light and stared through my window view of Queens.

"I kissed Spider-Man. " I shut my eyes.

Short chapter, sorry. I've decided to put some chapters of P.O.V's of one situation, but not all of them. I'm hoping to get another chapter done today. Next chapter is gonna be Peter's P.O.V. How many times did she say "I kissed Spider-Man"? Lol. Thank you!!!!! ~×Natty×

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