- Peter's P.O.V -
Once my alarm went on, I quickly jumped up. I took a shower and did my daily morning routine. Then I went into the kitchen to see Aunt May getting breakfast ready.

"Good morning, you going to work today?" I asked.

"Yes, I'll be back at 5 pm. This house better not be a mess" Aunt May implored. Not like I'm Flash Thompson, party every day. Flash Thompson is my bully, he's always messing with me. I sometimes wish I could punch him and...-But Uncle Ben always told me; with great power comes great responsibility and even when Thompson throws me in my locker, I always listen to his words. He got the name Flash Thompson because he is really fast, well so am I, but I need to keep my geek or else people might suspect.

Anyways, he hasn't been at school for the last couple days because he was on a vacation. It was so amazing without him, that I forgot he existed, but today he's coming back. Ugh.....

"Alright, ma'am" I replied. Maybe the Captain America is rubbing on me...

I than took my seat and ate my breakfast at a medium pace, FINALLY!!!

"Mmm, these pancakes are good" I pleaded. Maybe because I'm eating like a normal person.

"Really? !" May exclaimed.


After finishing, I kissed my Aunt goodbye and headed out the door. I went to y / n's level, and waited.

And waited....


And waited....

10 minutes later, no sign. I decided to text her.

Hey, where are you?

No reply. I'm gonna be late, I gotta get going.

-Stupid Unnecessary School -
When I arrived at the school, I saw y / n at her locker.

"Y / n!? What the heck? What Happened" I exclaimed.

"Don't wanna talk." She said making no eye contact with me. What? I'm not getting this?....

"Y / n...? What's wrong?" I questioned.

"Don't act innocent" she then walked away from me. I'm super confused.

"Hey, Parker" a familiar voice roared, "Its been a long time, you know what time it is" Flash Thompson.

"Really...today, right now?" I groaned.

"Ugh.... Yes" Flash said pointing to my locker.

"I'll do it" I said getting in the locker. Thompson shut the door and I heard laughs from the other side.

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