- Peter's P.O.V - ✔

Last night was amazing. I finally confessed my dying love for y / n. Best part, she said she loved me too. Like wow. Right now, I'm laying on my bed in my spidey suit, or as Mr. Stark calls it my onesie. I might of not got a lot sleep last night, but everything that happened yesterday is keeping me awake.

7:46 am

I decided to go y / n's and make her some breakfast. Aunt May is gonna be at yoga class with her friends all day, she said it was a special event. I quickly got dressed into a blue/ white flannel and some black jeans.

"Aw, man... today's work!" I exclaimed. I grabbed my man bag, yes I do have one. And yes, it's super manly. I found it in the men's accessories aisle. As I walked out the door, I almost forgot my glasses. I got them and put them on. I looked at the mirror by the door to see if I looked manly attractive.

"It'll do." I smiled in the mirror. Then I picked up a scent.

"Ew what is that-" I smelled my shirt, "Ew its me. Didn't take a shower, Woops" I went into my bathroom and used some kind of cologne.

"Smells manly." I smelled myself. What is it with me being manly today? Then I headed out the door to y / n's apartment. I open the door with the key y / n gave me. I walked into the living room to see the roses I bought her.

You see, last night while I was fighting crime I decided to buy y / n something. I was in the middle of either the heart shaped pillow or the dozen roses. I decided to do both, because I would be an amazing boyfriend. I mean cmon, I am the amazing spider-man. But the same time, I don't even know if she wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Better play this card slow, Parker.

I went to her door to check on her, she was laying in bed hugging the heart shaped pillow. Aw, adorable.

I went back to kitchen to make her some pancakes. I open the pantry and found the batter and a pink apron.

"Really..." I placed it on. "Won't hurt."

I'm not that good at cooking, I barely passed my cooking class. Almost burned down the school.

I read the directions on the back of pancake batter, this could be stupidly easy or surprisingly hard. After ten minutes of hard cooking, my first pancake that actually looked like a pancake was done. It looked not too bad. I held the pan on my hands as I served the pancake onto the plate. Next thing I know I hear a door open. Its her. I turned around quietly to see y / n smiling down at the roses.

"Peter...." she mumbled. Make a move.

"Yeah..." I added. Y / n literally jumped up in a terrified way. She then turned around and saw me.

"Pete, what are y - "

"Thought I stop by and make breakfast for you, you sleepy bear. " I smiled. Sleepy bear, you could do better Benjamin. Hug her! I put the pan down and went to her.

"Good morning" I hugged her.

"Good morning" she looked up at my face. She was so small compared to me. Maybe because I'm Spider-Man. I let go and pulled out a chair for her.

"Thank you " she sat down. Then I went back to the kitchen to continue trying to make pancakes. In about five minutes, I had about four pancakes. Good enough. I served her and I two pieces each.

"Here you go, y / n " I gestured handing her the plate.

"Thanks Pete " she noted. Then I grabbed my plate and sat down.

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