1. You forgot your camera dummy

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-Y/n's P.O.V-
"But you can't just be president like that!" I said. I have no idea why we're talking about politics and presidents.

"Well, the people run the country." My best friend Peter said. We were at Starbucks drinking coffee talking about society and life, like the usual.

"True." I mumbled. Peter and I have been friends since the kindergarten. Moms were friends since high school and turned out to be pregnant at the same time.

"So, found the right guy yet?" I looked up at Peter and glared. He was wearing some nerdy prepish glasses and I could see the smile behind in his eyes behind the lenses.

"No, still single as a pringle!" I frowned.

"Lighting up, one day the right guy might just swing by." He smirked. I know where this was heading.

"What Spider-Man might just swing by!? And yet you're always there to take the best quality pictures" I said.

" I don't know then." Parker said.

Spider-Man was okay I guess... and so were the avengers. Didn't care much about fantasies and fairy tales, all my mama told me was to go to school and do something I love. I guess I'm doing it; I'm a photographer. I take pictures of anything really, but I'm actually an intern at a great company called The Daily Bugle. I know, I'm only still in high school, but I got an opportunity very early, and so did Peter. Peter and I work at same place.

"How's your mom Gina doing?" Peter said awakening the conversation.

"Fine? May?" I asked.

"Still doing yoga" he said, we both burst out laughing.

My mom and his aunt decided back when we were 14 and 15 to do yoga for 3 months. Turns out my mom gave up the first month and May kept going. It's been 2 years, she still at it.

"How's the boss treating you?" I asked.

"Crappy." Peter stated.

"Sad." I faked a frown, laughing inside. Yeah, my laugh kinda escaped my mouth. He frowned as well, then laughed. I looked at my phone, 11:21 am. My eyes looked up to the sky. I closed my eyes. I could smell the glorious scent of New York Style hot dogs.

"You want some Hot dogs?!" I exclaimed. He nodded and stood up, we both took our drinks. As I looked back at the table, I saw Peter's camera.

"You forgot your camera dummy!" I laughed.

"Oh yeah!" He smiled and grabbed it. My friend, Peter.

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