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ice view. Right " Peter inquired.

"Yeah," I smiled. It was really nice.

"Hey, wanna uh-uh.....um.....continue the walk. ...?" Peter stuttered. Um, yeah....? Why is he stuttering, he only does that when he's nervous?

We got up and started walking. It was still nice, but why did Pete wanna go so quick. Did he not like me anymore?! Peter was kind of taking the lead in walking. It was a nice two-minute walk until Peter stopped me.

"Wait, stay there." Peter pleaded. I gave him a confused look. What the freak, what's going on with Peter? No one was around, it was just us. Just me to look at Peter confused.

Then Peter pulled me towards him with his web. My gosh.... I started blushing, hard.

"Peter, what was that for!?" I freaked out. I liked what just happened, but at the same time, I was confused and uncertain. I don't understand what's going on?

"I wanna a-ask you something..." Peter stuttered again.

"Yeah, go head," C'mon, Pete spill the beans...

"You wanna go on a date?!" Peter quaked.

Oh my gosh... I stood there frozen. I was speechless.

"Uh-Uh-uh.... Um, yes!" I rejoiced. My wish came true!

"Great! Um, yeah thank you! " Peter replied shyly. Aw, he's so adorable.

"W-what day?" I asked.

"Um, tomorrow at The Blend." Peter rubbed the back of his neck.

"Alright, what time?" I smiled like an idiot.

"Six at night."


It was awkward afterward for a few seconds.

"Um, uh this is awkward," Peter told me. We both laughed. I swear I was smiling like an idiot. Peter looked at his watch surprised.

"Oh, ah I gotta go home. Aunt May is gonna get worried! " Peter exclaimed.

"Alright, yeah!"

"Let's get going!" Peter grabbed my hand. We started walking, no maybe run walking.

"Hey, you wanna run home?!" Peter asked looking straight at me.

"Yes!" I answered. We started running through the park as we were still holding hands. No one was really around.

"Let's take a quick spin!" Peter took out what I believe was his mask and shot us up to the buildings.

"Hold on," It was amazing, the cool breeze went through my hair. The smell of Queens was in the air. I closed my eyes and rest my head on Peter's shoulder.

"Do you like it?" Peter asked. I opened my eyes.

"No, are you kidding me" I grinned, " I love it."

I looked down, I could see the street lights and the small bodies walking around.

"So this is what it's like to be Spider-Man." I pointed out.

"Yes, but this is just the easy part."

We arrived at our apartment's rooftop, it was an average height of a building, but still tall. I tried to get a closer visual from down below, but some webs pulled me away. I was right in front of Peter, no space in between. He must have taken his mask off while I had my back turned. I could feel his warm breath on my face. Peter gave a smirk and leaned closer to me. I leaned in closer too, less than an inch away.

"We got a robbery in the jewelry department on 25th street. Repeat we got a robbery in the jewelry department on 25th street!" I stopped right there and looked down at the ground.

"Sorry, I-I - "

"Go save your city, Spider-Man..." I shined a smile at him and he smiled one big smile back. He put his mask on and was about to swing off, but then he realized he wasn't in his suit.

"Whoops, almost forgot!" he exclaimed. I giggled.

"Close your eyes, young lady" Peter smirked. I put my hands over my eyes, then he was off in a second.

"Wow," I said in amazement. I looked up at the sky. I looked back down to city view to see a Spider-Man swinging towards me. I think I know what he's thinking about. I went towards him, as he went towards me. He took off his mask and threw it to the ground. We both ended in a kiss. His lips against mine. Peter back away.

"You're an amazing kisser, darling." Peter grinned.

"You're not so bad yourself, not to mention you're my first..." I blushed.

"You're my first too..."

"Hey, we're not virgin kissers anymore!" Peter laughed. I laughed along with him and then kissed Peter on the cheek this time.

"Well, gotta go," Peter smiled putting his mask back on. Next thing I know, Spider-Boy was off.
Spider-Boy? Spider-Boy... I like it?! Spider-Boy.

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