-Peter's P.O.V-✔
I woke up to see Y / n right in front of me, which made me smile.

"Good morning," I said. Y / n smiled.

"Good morning," she replied.

"So whatcha wanna do today?" I asked. She took a pause.

"We should go to the library!" She exclaimed. Geek time.

"Sounds great. I'll try to make breakfast!" I chuckled. I literally suck at cooking. Everything that has to do with cooking, I fail at. Then I got up and went to grab my shirt. I slipped it on, noticing   Y/n was staring. Oh my...

I went to go retrieve my phone. I looked at my notifications.

Messages (1)

I looked at it, it was Harry.

Dude.... I know what you're doing

Haha no

I texted.

Then I turned around to find Y / n standing up. I signaled her to come with me. I went into the kitchen while she sat by the counters. I opened the pantry and put on the apron. The pink apron. We really need to get another apron. Then I started by turning on the stove and placing a pan on it. There's the easy part. I heard a laugh. I glared at Y / n.

"What, pink looks good on me! " I laughed. Then Y / n gave her attention to her phone. I continued the cooking. I took out the eggs and bacon. After five burns, four spills, and some crappy eggs and bacon, I was done.

"Foods ready and not burned this time," I stated. But I am burned. At least it didn't leave marks.

"Yay!" Y / n smiled getting up and grabbing a plate. I poured the eggs and bacon onto her plate.

"Thank you!" She said grabbing another plate. I poured the rest on it. Then she took the plates to the table while I turned off the stove. I sat down and started eating.

"Finally it came out amazing!" Y / n mentioned. Wow, really... My food usually comes out crappy as crap.

"You really think? " I questioned.


Seemed like about ten minutes later, we both finished.

"I'm gonna go get ready," Y / n added.

"Alright me too!"

"I call the shower first!" she exclaimed getting up and putting her dish in the dishwasher. As she walked to the room, I walked into the kitchen doing the same. I also put away all the ingredients and pans. Then I walked to our bedroom and looked at my phone.

Messages (1)

I clicked on the icon.


Sure dude... I told ur girlfriend to come early k

She's not just my girlfriend Haz... She's also Y / n...

I texted.

Alright Dad

Okayz son

I texted back.

ur not my daddy

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