-Peter's P.O.V-

-2 months later-

Every day I come and see her. Hoping she will wake up... Crying that she will wake up... Begging that she will wake up. But it hasn't happened.

Since that day of the Y / n's injury, everything has been going downhill, but Mr. Stark has helped me. We had a meeting in Manhattan, professional releasing my identity to everyone. I got many calls and texts that night, ignoring them all. I've also gotten better since I got shot in my chest and thighs, but I still need to limp walk.

Aunt May has been doing great, they actually have her in good protection. Harry, he is also great. Haven't seen him in awhile though. And Spider-Man, he hasn't done any action in two months.

It's my fault for being Spider-Man this happened. If I would've just maybe not had gotten my hopes so high about being with y / n, this wouldn't have happened. But it did. And I regret every single thing.

I looked over to a y/n laying in a hospital bed. I've been here for about five hours now.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. Then the door opened to show Vision.

"Mr. Parker, I have some news for you about y / n." Vision spoke.

"Go on,"

"After all this time, all the power we are using to keep her alive. And how she has not made any progress. I believe we are gonna have to turn off the machine." Vision words stabbed my heart.

"WHAT?!" I yelled while I tried to keep the tears in.

"Sir, calm down."

"NO-NO! Do you know how it feels to love someone and then them leaving you forever?! I don't think so!" I shouted standing up.

"What's going on?" Tony questioned coming in the room.

"Mr. Stark I believe Mr. Parker has overreacted to the fact of turning off the machines," Vision said.

"Okay, Vision I got this. Go ahead and leave," Tony stated. Vision left and Tony came closer to me.

"I tell you for the 45th time, Peter. Let her go, it's the best thing you could do for her." Tony spoke as he sat next to me.

"How do YOU know?!" I exclaimed.

"First, remember how you lost your uncle. How much pain you were in, your Aunt told me..."

"Oh, so now you're my aunt's 'friend'..." I muttered.

"Um, well she is a good lo-"

"Don't... not now."

"Anyways, remember how you got over it. Letting him go. And by doing that you became who you are today,"

"Spider-Man?" I questioned.

"No, Peter Parker," Tony exclaimed. He is kind of true.

"Peter, you've gone through too much, but every time you get over it. And now you need to do it again."

"B-but I love her..."

"And she loves you. Listen, if you love her as much as you say you do. Then do Y / n a favor and stop hurting yourself. She loves you and she does not wanna see you breaking over her. She wants you to move on and live a life. Even if it means she goes." Tony remarked. Wow...

"You hear me?" Tony spoke getting up, "Tell me when spidey is ready for webbing some bad guys." Tony then left. Tony is definitely right about letting her go, but it's just too hard to do. All the time we've been together, it's like at first we were like a sister and brother. And then we became destined to be partners.

She wouldn't want me to do this, hurt myself. So I'll do it for her.

Time to finish this.

I looked over at y / n. Last goodbyes.


❝ I-I hope you can hear me, just like they do in the movies. Y/n Barton, how I have loved you. I love you soo much that's it's too complicated to explain. My love for you crosses different dimensions. And I know you know that.

I just wanna explain. Everything. Emma the girl. She was just a gir-you know how she was known for being the slut. Well one night, as I was walking home. I crossed path with her. She convinced me to cheat on you. I said no, but she was not stopping. She pushed me into her car and started kissing me. And that's when I let myself go. I regret it even to this day.

I hate myself for doing that. Hurting you. And the worst thing is that you didn't even find out till two months later. And you hurt yourself badly after hearing it. When Emma was about to get it serious, I caught myself and left. Knowing I did something wrong. And I want you to know I'm sorry. Sooo sorry. So stupid to hurt you like that. Or too even think about kissing some other's lips than yours. Yours bring this feeling I cannot explain. This amazing tension that I know I'm doing something right.

I want you to know, Y / n. That I love you sooo much, even if I hurt you and even if you hate me. I would die 10,000 times for you and 10,000 times more.

I wanted to give you the life that you deserved. I understand if you don't forgive me, but just try too. I love you babe... My sweetheart... My love... I can't wait to see you up in heaven, my darling. I love you..." I kissed her on the lips, the last time ever. A tear streamed down my eyes to y / n's face. I closed my eyes as I stood straight.

Here I go... Being your Spider-Boy


Oh my gosh. I don't know if this is where it ends... But I guess it does!!! :'''')))))) Thank you for everything you've done for me along the way!!! Really thank you for 20k reads and 800 votes!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IM ENDING IT LIKE THIS. Not all books have happy endings too... :( which is unfortunate...

But really thank you!!! I cried, laughed, and smiled throughout the whole book. And I hope you have too! Thanks for your support!!! Also, there will be an epilogue!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT, THE FINAL AND LAST CHAPTER OF SPIDER-BOY!!!! Love Y'all!!! NATALIA OUT ~ ×Natty×

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