-Y/n's P.O.V-
After Peter and I ate our hot dogs we headed to my place. I grabbed my keys out of my bag, and twisted the key in the lock.

"Ahhh...Home!" I exclaimed. Peter laughed. I stepped in and threw myself at the couch.

"Life." Peter threw his jacket at the couch and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah." I agreed, "I want tea!" I got up and ran to the kitchen.

"You want some!?" I yelled, "oh, you're here" I barely noticed he followed.

"Sure" it took about 10 minutes to finish the tea. Then I went to the couch with a bag of chips and turned Netflix on.  I decided to watch King Kong, why not!!?

"Come sit!!!" I motion him a seat by me. He sat.  "RELAX PETE" I smiled. Then I got comfortable, took off my shoes and jacket. I also got my blanket that I had on the couch from last night.

-Into the movie-
I noticed during the movie Peter and I got VERY comfortable. My feet on his lap, his feet on the table. My head on the bag of chips. No I hate this part.

"NO DON'T SHOOT HIM!!!!!!" I faked cried.

Then I believe Peter's phone went off. It was on the coffee table, so I decided to grab it for him, but he yelled, "No!!!".

I looked at him weird. He seemed terrified.  "Sorry, I just.... let me take this" he said and left to the kitchen. Peter never raised his voice that high, must be all of a sudden germ phobic. He then came back.

"Hey, I have to go. I'm soooo sorry, maybe we can plan this another night. Bye" he grabbed his stuff and raced out the door. Wow. Anyhow, I just continue watching the rest of King Kong.

"Still makes me cry" I said. I talk to myself a lot, an unhealthy amount. If I didn't have Peter as a friend, I'd probably be friends with a wall. Possibly my window wall in my room. Speaking of Peter, he left me alone.

"I'm hungry" I said as I walked to the kitchen. I looked in the refrigerator. Eggs. Cheese. Bread. Butter. Barely enough milk. Nothing. 

"Looks like I'm going shopping." I said. I went to grab my hoodie and bag. Living in Queens wasn't necessarily safe, but I'm a risk taker.

"Bye beautiful home." I locked the door and left.

-Outside of the warm comfy soft safe home-
As I walked on the streets late at 10 pm, it felt different than the others. I put my earbuds in to give away that feeling.

"I'll be needing stitches..." I sang Shawn Mendes' Stitches. 

As I walked towards an ally, I noticed some shadows. I went to the curb of the building and leaned against the side.

"You need to bring this to the boss, NO ONE can know this happened"  someone said.


At that moment, my foot slipped on a muddy puddle and I landed on my bum.

"Ow." I froze. Oh crap, I turned and noticed the two men staring at me.

"Get her, Vince!" One of the men said.

"$&#%" the word slipped out.

I got up and starting running as fast as I could. The one night nobody is out, really! "Help h-" then someone put a cloth right on my mouth.

Black everything went.


Like it so far! ;) Vote, fab, and share! Thanks! That pic of queens, which I hope is queens, I made with effects and stuff. Also, I decided about 10 minutes ago that I'm gonna do different points of view. I'm actually really excited for this stories future! Love you.  Peace out... did I just never mind bye Peeps! ~×Natty×

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