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-Peter's P.O.V.-✔
-One week later-
It's been fine. It's been okay. Nothing is really great, but it'll do. Harry has been asking me to get out a lot, but I don't. I'm not gonna pretend it's perfect or it's terrible.

Today is her funeral. The day I never wish I came upon. I looked at her pale skin as she lays in a white dress. She holds flowers and has a bracelet on. The bracelet I gave her. It resembles our friendship and dying love for each other.

"She must have meant a lot to you," I turned around to find the one and only Captain America.

"Uh-uh... Y-yes, Captain." I stuttered.

"Call me Steve, Peter." Captain America spoke. He said my name. Oh my...

"O-okay... Um, yeah she did... She was the love of my life," I looked over at her. She still looks beautiful.

"Don't worry, she'll be alright. She's in a better place now. I feel you, I too lost the love of my life," Steve said.

"Thank you," I replied.

"For what?" Steve questioned.

"For being here." I smiled for the first time in weeks.

"No problem, oh, and sorry for the multiple hits back in the airport."

"Y/n Barton was a beautiful young lady with dreams to fulfill. She has made so many friends on the way of life. Especially one who changed her life, Peter Parker," The priest said. I stood up and went towards the priest.

"Y/n Barton. A friend, a companion, a daughter, and my love. She always was my everything. Her smile. Her laugh. Her personality. Just her, everything about her. I'll love her forever and always. She will always be in my heart, our hearts. She may not have deserved this, but life is life. You fall, you get back up. That's what she would all want us to do. She loves us, even if what we did hurted her. And we love her too. She had a great future ahead of her, and she will even have a better future up there. There's not a day in this world where she will not cross my mind. I love her, and I'm happy she is in a better place now. Thank you." I walked off stage and sat back down. Only if they knew that she hated me so much before she died.

Take a deep breath, Parker.

-3rd P.O.V-
-Two months later-
The night sky shines on the hero of Queens. The hero of the country and the hero of the world.

Peter looks down at the city as the lights shine and everything is bright. He hears as police sirens fill the streets. He looks closer, to see the police cars are in a hurry.

"Spidey time!" Peter exclaims as he jumps off the building and into the street. He swings lamppost to lamppost. He makes contact with the passenger seat police of one of the cars.

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