-Y / n's P.O.V-✔
Previously on Spider-Boy...

"Ahhh!!! Help!!" I screamed.
"Shush!" He spit slapping me.
"Hey, number one rule. Never hit Spider-Man's girlfriend."


"So you say... Well too bad... I think we all know what you did... Why don't you tell her, Spider-Man." The man in the robotic suit grunted still holding me. I turned to Peter.

"She came at me. I didn't want anything to do with her. I thought you wouldn't find out. " Peter spoke looking down. Tears started falling, after all this time with him. I wouldn't think it would end like this. I didn't even think it would end.

"H-ow-but.." I cried. The man laughed in my ear.

"I'm sorry, y / n." Peter yelled.

"Why don't you go save your people," the man professed, "While you're having trouble moving like a spider," Then the man pointed his robotic arm towards Pete and a gadget hit him in the stomach. He fell to the floor on his back.

"AHHHH!!!" Peter whimpered.

"Stop, what did you do to him?" I stormed trying to break free.

"The bug stabbed him, giving him some dangerous chemicals. Darling, he won't be able to fight like a spider for a while." The man smirked throwing some balls of metal in the living room. Oh no, they're-


"Nooo!!! PETER!!!" I screamed out to the foggy room. Then the man took me to the rooftop of the building. He then tied me with rope to a pipe.

"You see, boys are dangerous. Didn't your daddy tell you not to mess with boys?" the man smirked putting his hand on my chin, "Pretty girls like you should be with a real man."

Ew, I spat on his face.

"Fiecty," he said backing away.

"Shut up, you worthless idiot!" I roared at him.

"The name is Bathel Johnson! Evil scientist and creator. I've always wanted super soldiers like Spider-Man or Captain America. To take over the world and make all the people wish they didn't bully me or ever have messed with me. So I stole some Stark tech and made my suit out of it. And why do I want Peter, you ask? Well, while he was busy saving the world. He forgot to save my daughter. She was only fifteen, so innocent and young. He could of, but he was too busy saving other worthless things. Probably saving you with your worthless stupid life. You don't even get to see your parents often, how do you know they're not dead? So that's why I have you. To pay for what he did." Bathel raged. Please don't tell me you killed my mom and dad.

"So... You deserve it... Pete-Someone will save me!!" I fumed.

"Ahh, it really hurts you that he's been cheating. Well, sweetie, it was all a scam, about that girl texting you... It was me. I was just making you try to turn on him. Hate him, so you wouldn't be such a big problem to kill. But I did find something a little unusual... One day as I kept my eye on him, I saw him with another woman. Not you. So he is the jerk you still suspect. The ungrateful boy he is," Bathel added. What...? No... I'm so confused... First, he's not actually cheating on me. But now he is?

"Shut up!!! HOW DO I KNOW YOU'RE NOT LYING TO ME!!!" I screamed.

"He admitted himself. Do you not recall that." He did admit. THAT STUPID BOY!!! I started crying hard.

"Yes, haha! WHERE IS YOUR SOMEONE NOW!!!???" Bathel yelled up into the night sky.

"Right here, Threatening Dude."

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