-Peter's P.O.V-

I woke up in a bed, an unfamiliar one. I noticed I wasn't wearing my suit.

"Oh snap"

"It's okay, Parker. You're alright" a voice projected. It was feminine.

"I'm Natasha" the women who is black widow said coming out of the dark.

"Oh, um... what's today?!" I exclaimed. I need to get home.

"Thursday 1 pm" she smiled sitting in a chair, "You sure sleep a lot, kid" Well, imagine getting up at 6 am everyday for school, you need it.

"I-i need to go" I said getting up, releasing I only had underwear on.

"Clothes and suit are on the chair, Tony told me to tell you to stay out of trouble" Natasha stated.

"I'll try" I smiled.

"Meet you outside" She grinned and then left. I then got up and-

"Ow!" I yelled in pain, consequence of being Spider-Man or any superhero.

I then slowly walked to the chair. There was a mirror there, so I decided to look at myself. I looked at my chest and ribs to find big bruises. I then turned around to see my butt-jk no my back and it was bruised as well. Even my elbows and knees.

"I'm never fighting the avengers again."

After changing into some grey sweats and a blue shirt, I walked out of the room.

"Hey Peter, here's your luggage and bag. Tony got you a plane to Queens, and he said to say it was only mandatory meeting." Natasha said, "From here on and out that door you're on your own, the whole world knows some of our identities, but for you they don't. So some of us have to stay hidden for now. So bye, there's a car that will transport you here to the airport and the airport to your house" I nodded at her and went out that door.

"Are you Peter?" a dude leaning on car spoke.

"Yes?" I said.

"Get in" he stated.


"Mr. Stark asked me to drop you off at the airport" the dude said taking my luggage in the trunk, "Here's your ticket" He handed me an envelope, which had a ticket. I took a seat in the back.

The whole ride to the airport was awkward so I listened to music.

"Just like animals..." I mumbled.

The airplane ride was awkward as well. Wait, is it just me because I am awkward or is it just the quietness. Probably me.

As I was sitting down in my chair of the airplane, I looked in my backpack and found my glasses. I really don't need them, cause hello I'm Spider-Man, but I still wear them for hiding my identity. So I placed them on.

-10 hours later-

"Please exit out of the front door" the air attendant said. I grabbed my bags headed out of the plane. I looked at the time, 12 am! I started walking faster. I then got in another car to take me home.

Ahh, I miss the smell of Queens....

Once I arrived, I went straight to Aunt May's apartment. I knocked on the door.

"Hello can I-Peter!!!?" Aunt May hugged me, "I thought you-"

"Yeah, it was just a mandatory meeting, but now I'm back." I said cutting Aunt May off. I hugged her again, it made me happy to see that she was safe.

I thought of seeing y / n, but she was probably sleeping.

"Have you ate?" May asked me.


"There's still some burgers from lunch." she said.


After I ate, I quickly changed into pj's and went to my bed.

I was positive I was going to school tomorrow, and make up my work. And then THIS WEEKEND I HAVE TO WORK! NO!!!

But something inside was eating me.... like some kinda guilt that I lied to
y / n. And not just once, but multiple times. I can't anymore, I have to tell her. I'm sick and tired of keeping this secret, I need to let it out.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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