- Y / n's P.O.V - ✔

I decided to wake up early today in result I wouldn't have to make contact with Peter. I'm still mad at Peter, not just mad but upset too because he lied to me. I've told him all my secrets, except one. That one is about him, if I told him I liked him, he would probably freak. He only is best friends with me, I don't know if he would want a relationship with me. So this secret is a seriously a big secret.

I got up at 5:30 am, to leave at 6:25 am. I quickly took a shower and changed into my clothes (Pic). I walked to the kitchen to eat some cereal. After I grabbed my backpack and left.
The whole walk was lonely and quiet. I was walking in a slow place today, so it took me a little longer to get to school. During the walk, I got a text from Peter.

Hey, where are you?

I didn't want to answer it.

When I arrived, I was one of the first ones. It was 6:40 am, and Peter should be arriving. I quickly went to my locker and put away my stuff.

"Y/n!? What the heck? What happened?" A voice exclaimed. It was Peter. Ugh.....

"Don't wanna talk. " I said making no eye contact with Peter. I couldn't look at his lying face anymore.

"Y / n..? What's wrong? " Peter questioned.

"Don't act innocent. " I uttered walking away from him. I went to homeroom and sat down at my desk. I placed my head on top of the table and felt like crying.

"What's wrong, y / n? " A voice caught my attention. I looked around to find Harry standing by the door.

"Nothing. Why are you here?" I asked my only best friend who hasn't lied to me.

"Just to drop off this homework. " Harry assured putting some papers on Mr. Greggs' desk.


"Where's Peter?" Harry questioned.


"Okay, well see in a couple minutes". Then Harry left.

I put my head back on my desk. Why?! I feel like Peter's a jerk, but at the same time he really didn't do anything that bad, but trust is something big.


School here we go. I lifted my head up, Peter and Harry haven't arrived yet.

"Take your seat students" Mr. Gregg announced. Then Harry and Peter came running in the room. I tried not to make contact with his eyes, but I did with his body. I gotta say, he had a nice figure for nerdy kid.

-Sometime during 1st period-
I looked out of the window and didn't pay attention. Lately, I haven't been paying attention in my classes. The sky was cloudy since it was morning still.

"In 1992, OJ Simpson supposedly murder-blah blah blah". I didn't have an interest in history, or school right now. My interest was why did Peter lie to me?


I quickly got up and went to my next class. I managed to get in crowds to get away from Peter. I felt bad for doing it, but Peter made me feel devastated that he couldn't tell the truth to me.

-4th period -
I was sitting down in my seat waiting for the class to begin when somebody approached me.

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