19. So I'm gonna love you, like I'm gonna lose you

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- Peter's P.O.V - ✔
I woke up VERY earlier today for two reasons: Work and spider duty. Some dude who said, "You'll pay!" was about to bomb a building with some stark tech. I stopped it, no biggie! But I need to stop whoever or however he got ahold of the tech. Stark tech is seriously dangerous if held in the wrong hands.

I was swinging on home, but I heard a ding. Phone.

Spider-Boy, I need you at my house

It was a text from Y / n. SERIOUSLY! I'm a man. A spider man.

Alright geez.... Its Spider Man okay...

I texted back.

I kept swinging and when I landed on the rooftop I switched to my Dorky Peter Parker outfit. I took the stairs down and knocked on Y / n's door.

Nothing. She's probably taking a shower. So I opened it with my key. Next thing I knew I got a shock on my wrist.

"Crap!" I whispered. Forgot to mention, I have this smart watch I made. It kinda gives me the radio frequency when I'm not at home or with my phone, but that's strange I'm by my phone. What's also strange is that it gave me a shock. I put my coat on the rack and my phone on table.

"Maybe glitches," I mumbled. I tried to take it off, but it wouldn't budge.

"Damn it," I cursed. Then it started showing words on the screen.

"Something is really up?"

It read, "I told you" What the heck? Then it started making a noise. I quickly ran into the bathroom and tried to shut it off.

"Listen you twit! I know your identity! It was so easy to find out. All I had to do was while you were trying to take the bomb off I sent a small robot bug about the size of ant-man to your watch. It went inside following your whereabouts and marked it. Not to brag but, it got your home destination, Peter Parker." A voice spoke through my watch. It gave no facial recognition. Oh crap. This just got serious. He knows who I am and where I live. Aunt May may be in trouble.

"Peter, where are you!?" Y / n yelled. Oh no....

"The John " I yelled trying to sound happy and not worried.

"Oh... you have another loved one? We'll put her on the list with Aunt May." the voice growled. No, not my y / n!

"No, you bastard! " I yelled. I wanted to hurt him.

"Told you, you'll pay." then the voice stopped and my watch fell off my wrist. I picked it up and looked at it, it was back to normal. Oh my gosh. I can't. I need to make sure that Aunt May and Y / n are safe, but I can't tell them that they are being hunted by a psycho just like that! My big question is: WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?! It could be anyone. IT could also be a prank, but no hacking into my smart watch is not easy. It also did sound like the dude from the bombing scene. For right now, I need to act normal and pretend that I didn't hear that, but also be aware. AND ALSO BE AWARE MY DATE IS TODAY!!!!? Oh no.

"Act normal, Pete." I walked out the bathroom trying to play it off.

"-it is..." I heard y / n say something but I couldn't quiet put my finger on it.

"What was that?" I asked coming in. Y / n was by the counter and super close to my phone.

"Oh, nothing." Y / n smiled.

"Are you ready?" I questioned. I just need to focus. The guy wouldn't just attack like that, he'd need time to plan a great attack. An attack that I will hurt him hard in.

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