- Y / n's P.O.V- ✔
slept late last night, because I was up all night thinking of what happened. After Peter and I kissed for a good five minutes, he had to go because there was a robbery down by the bakery. Who would rob donuts?! He did come back to find me sleeping, I know because he left a bouquet of roses with a heart shape pillow.

I got up to go to the living room to look at the roses, they looked so beautiful. A dozen vibrant red roses. I smiled like an idiot.

"Peter...." I mumbled.

"Yeah...." A voice answered. I literally jumped up. I quickly turned around to see a Peter Parker in a pink apron covering his blue/white flannel with some glasses holding a pan. Adorkable.

"Peter, what are y-"

"Thought I stop by and make breakfast for you, you sleepy bear." Peter smiled. He put the pan down and came towards me.

"Good morning," he said hugging me.

"Good morning." I looked up at his face, he was pretty tall for his age. He then let go and pulled out a chair for me.

"Thank you!" I sat down. Then Peter went back to the kitchen and continued cooking. Thank goodness my phone was there or else I would of died of awkwardness and boredom. This is kind of awkward because of what happened last night. I looked at the time, 8:38 am. Snap, I need to be at work at 9:30 am. Matter of fact, we need to be at work at 9:30 am.

"Here you go, y / n " Peter gestured handing me a plate of golden brown pancakes. They smelled really good and hopefully tasted devouring.

"Thanks Pete" I noted. He then grabbed his plate of pancakes and sat down.

"By the way, I suck at cooking so yeah..." Peter shyly objected. Aw, adorkable. The golden brown pancakes were outstanding for a man who attempted to cook.

"Work today...." I frowned after finishing my pancakes. Peter just barely finished.

"Yeah, but I'm already ready." Peter said.

"So you're going with a pink apron to work, you'd probably get fired by Jameson." I joked.

J. Jonah Jameson is the big boss of the daily bugle and he is pretty strict. He kind of has a huge grudge for Spider-Man because he still thinks Spider-Man is a threat to the world, who is currently now, to my knowledge, Peter Benjamin Parker.

"Nah, not today." Pete suggested taking off the pink apron.

"I'm gonna go get ready." I mentioned getting up. I changed into an appropriate outfit for work (pic). Twenty minutes later, I was ready. I grabbed my bag, camera and went to the living room.

"Ready?" Peter asked as I walked in the room.

"Yeah, let's go!" It was 8:58 am when we left the building. We walked to the daily bugle since it was a walkable distance.

"Can't wait to fetch coffee for people." I sarcastically said. Peter laughed.

"It's not that bad, once we finish high school we'll be able to work full time which will give us more time to find our spot in the business." Peter reassured. Peter and I are seniors, next year we'll be graduates. (In the book they're seniors unlike the movie)

"Yeah..." When we arrived, we checked in our ID's and went through security. We then went up the elevator to the main floor.

"Hopefully, we have nice errands to do." I exclaimed. Then Jameson came out of his office and looked at us; furiously.

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