-Y / n's P.O.V -✔
"Spiderman, Spiderman/Does whatever a spider can/Spins a web any size/Catches thieves just like flies/Look out, here comes the Spiderman."

My new alarm. Yes, Peter would kill me if I made that his new ringtone-yes....! Idea!

Spider-Boy, I need you at my house

I texted him.

Alright geez... It's Spider-Man okay....

"Hahaha!" I laughed. I quickly took a shower and changed into my work clothes. I'll come back home and change for the date since today we get off at 2 pm. I let my hair down for today and had my makeup simple. I then headed to the kitchen. I saw Peter's coat on the rack so I knew he was here. I went to the kitchen to find Peter's phone on the counter.

I smirked.

"Peter, where are you!?" I yelled into my one bedroom apartment.

"The John!" Peter exclaimed. Oops, awkward. Perfect time. I quickly unlocked Peter's phone knowing the password was SpiderMan. I went on to his ringtones settings and looked through his library music. Nothing spider related. I used the music search engine and bingo. I set the Spider-Man theme song to his ring tone. I closed all the apps I used and turned it off.

He sure is taking some time in the bathroom. I grabbed his phone again and took an ugly selfie and set it as his lockscreen.

"Ugly it is," I chuckled while staring down at the screen.

"What was that?" Peter mentioned coming in. I put the phone back quickly.

"Oh nothing," I smiled. Don't laugh. I tried so hard.

"Are you ready? " Peter asked.

"Uh, yeah. Wanna grab some Starbucks before we head to work?" I questioned.

"Sure, why not?"

We started walking to the living room and I grabbed my bag and phone. Off we go to the caffeine shop!

I already ordered my coffee and cookie. Peter was in middle of ordering his.

"Yeah, that one. And a cookie. That'll be fine." Peter smiled. Geez, his smile was a killer. He was wearing his dorky glasses again. I got to admit I love this dork.

"Is that all?"

"Yes, I'll pay y / n!" Peter looked at me.

"No, I should. Here take this," I said passing him a five dollar bill.

"You sure?" He questioned.

"Yeah, Peter Pan!" I giggled. He paid and we got our coffees and cookies. Off to work!

-Sometime during work-
"Okay, the one-or the ones that got the offer were..." Jameson stated out into the room. Please be us.

"Peter Parker and Y / n Barton." Oh crap. People started clapping.

"Come to my office, kids!" Jameson signaled us. Peter and I went into his office.

"Sit down," We both sat down.

"I really like your work and I feel I should give you a chance. So, here we are. Right after high school, you are welcome to work here. Full time. I would suggest going to college and getting the basics of writing and photography. Since you are working as interns right now, there's no need for an internship here. You'll be right on the job, as a partnership. I like your photography, Parker. And your writing, Barton. And they'll blend in together, perfect." Jameson spoke. Oh, my freakn gosh... no way. I can't speak. I just got complimented by J. Johan Jameson.

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