-Peter's P.O.V - ✔

6:15 am


I hurried and grabbed my pants since I woke up late. Then I slipped on a pizza shirt and some socks. I went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth. Then I took some gel and quickly styled my hair. I did a comb to the slide look. I then grabbed my backpack and a pair of vans and headed out.

6:21 am

I went into the kitchen to find Aunt May standing by the counters.

"Good morning! " I said sleepily.

"Good morning, here!" She spoke handing a bagel to me.

"Thank you. I'M late! I gotta go bye!" I waved grabbing my bagel, shoes, and backpack and leaving the apartment.

I headed to elevator and pressed the down button. Then I put on my shoes, and the door opened. I got out and waited by her door. I started eating the bagels.

Once I finished the bagel, y / n came out.

"Hey! " She said.

"Hi, geez I need more sleep... " I said. I barely could keep my eyes open, but I managed. We started walking to the elevator, and I pushed the button for down. I let her in first, being a gentlemen.

"Thank you " she smiled. It was awkward until we reached outside.

"So, Pete? I noticed there was food in my refrigerator?! Did you?" Y/ n questioned. Oh yeah!!!!?

"Yeah, I know you would have nothing to eat for breakfast so I got some food for you" I said. I then remembered the candy I bought the other day. I pulled it out, it was starburst.

"Want some?" I requested.

"Heck ya!" she exclaimed. I gave her pink, her favorite. We didn't live that far from Midtown high school, so we walked.

"What happened yesterday is only between me and you" she professed.

"Got you". Only between me and you, I'm Spider-Man.

-Stupid Unnecessary School-
We arrived and went to our lockers. Luckily, we were able to get the same hall since her name is Y / n Barton and mine is Peter Parker.

I always had my backpack with me for one specific reason, spider time.

"Hey Peter Parker! What are you gonna name your backpack? " She smiled. I laughed.

"Haha funny. " I sarcastically said, "I'll name it.......Taylor! "

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