Chapter 32

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( I can't believe this is the last chapter...omg)

Helena's POV

I woke up feeling amazing but a little tired, last night was amazing let me tell you, best night of my life. I turned to see Calum beside me shirtless.

"Morning, princess"I blushed, then he lean in to kiss me "how you feeling?"he said smirking, I looked at him then I said "I'm feeling amazing" he laughed then he started kissing me. " Cal, I'm gonna go shower, and get dressed, let me go"

"As you wish,my love"

"God, I love him so much" I said almost whispering but looks like he heard it because he said " I love you too, babe" I smiled at him.

Then I went to shower, I took some comfy pants then Calum's shirt, then went to shower. When I got out Calum wasn't in the room anymore.

"CALUM I'm gonna kill you look at my n-" I start saying until I saw Calum smirking, then he pointed at the couch, where the boys were and Amelia and May.


"So I see you guys... Had fun huh" Ashton said smirking. I rolled my eyes, then Michael said " oh dear" I started blushing then May said " poor neighbors"

"Shut up people, shut up" I said hiding my face in Calum's neck. He laughed kissing me.

"I love you, princess" he said looking at me. " I love you too" I said kissing him.

Then Ashton said " don't you get tired of kissing" Calum looked at him then he said " don't you get tired of talking"

Michael started laughing then he said.
" Ashton do we interrupt you when you're kissing Amelia? No, did we interrupt you last night.... No, then shut up"

"Wait, what happened last night Amelia?"I said looking at her, then Ashton looked at her then she said "you know what? I gotta to, you too Irwin let's go" Ashton started laughing then they quickly left.

Michael was gonna say something but I stopped him "yes, I know what happened, shh" they started laughing.

Then Luke and May left with Michael and it was only Calum and I.

"Helena, I'm leaving in 2weeks.." He said looking at me " you can come with us if you want..." I smiled then i said" yessssssss, I can take my classes online.... Omg Calum" he Laughed then he said " I missed you Helena"

I looked at him then I said " shhh, let's forget the past" He smiled then he kissed me.

Hours passed then Calum and I talked about everything. Then suddenly Calum said " hey, Helena I wanna give you back this." He went and took a ring out of his jacket.

The promising ring.

"So my love, I want you to take this again, but this time I want you to know only that I love you and that this ring might become a better one."I smiled at him then I kissed him.

We ate the pasta them I was going to bed," Cal, babe have you seen my glasses." I said looking at him then I found him with my glasses.

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