Chapter 20

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Helena's POV

" Calum you're leaving in two days, TWO DAYS CALUM" I said looking at him, he smiled them he said "are you gonna miss me?" I looked at him with a serious face " no" he faked that he was hurt then he said
"Oh so you're not gonna miss this" he started kissing my cheeks,my nose, my neck then my lips.

"Calum stop buddy." He smirked then he said " oh so you're gonna miss me right?"I looked at him then I kissed him for like 4 minutes. Then I saw a text from Amelia.

Amelia:"we need  to talk"

Since Calum was beside me, he saw the text then he told me "it's about Ashton, they almost broke up like 3days ago, I talked to Ashton, he told me that they sorted things out,and like they are staying together, but he heard Amelia talking the other day and well the thing is that they are both scared, but Helena like we are leaving tomorrow, is not like I'm not scared, but like if there love anything can work" Calum said looking at the wall.

I started laughing looking at him them I say" dude that was like so deep, its true but wow Calum that last part"he started laughing as well" So, babe I'm going to go and get things ready for tonight then when you finish talking with Amelia I pick you up and we go to pick up Chris because I wanna say bye to him, we eat then we see what destiny bring us"

Calum got up kissed me, then when he was at the door he blowed me a Kiss.

I smiled,then I started getting ready I took a dress with me to Amelia's house cause yea I was going out with Cal, later

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I smiled,then I started getting ready I took a dress with me to Amelia's house cause yea I was going out with Cal, later. When I was done I went to Amelia's house, her house was like really close to mine so I didn't have to take my car.

When I got there I saw May,Luke, Amelia and Ashton." Okay what am I doing here?" I said looking at all of them; Amelia was in Ashton lap like a baby. I pointed at them them I said"um didn't you two were having problems?" Ashton nodded then he said " yeah but Calum solved them, he's really good at giving advises."  What.

"Oh dear, why do you have that dress?" Amelia said."cause Calum and I are going out later..." Then May pulled out a box then she gave it to me I opened and there was a pretty simple dress, and a note that said:

  So I see, you got the letter of course, cause you saw the letter and the dress, so I didn't mention it but I solved Ashton and Amelia's problem, I just wanted you to go there and get the dress all Romantic. Sike this isn't romantic. Anyway get ready babe, I pick you up when you get ready, bye.

       With love,Calum.

This guy, he was gonna kill me. I started getting ready it was simple Calum knew I didn't like big things and yea. When I was all done I went downstairs to see Calum waiting for me" you look wow, beautiful" he said as he kissed me. " guys please" Ashton said looking at us, Calum rolled his eyes them we left.

" Calum where are we gonna like eat?" I asked him, he looked at me then he said " oh with my family" I turned to him " what?." He started laughing " come on babe my mom wanted to see you again and Mali" I nodded them he said " but first since is early were going to see Chris, and take him to the park"

When we picked up Chris he was really happy as always, " Calum, Helena!" He said giving us a hug, and a kiss. " so why did you guys wanted to see me?" Chris asked Calum. "Wait buddy I tell you know" Calum parked the car, then we got out.

"So I picked you up because I wanted to spend one more day with you" Calum said, then Chris eyes started to water " your dying?" He said crying.

I looked at Calum laughing ." oh no buddy, no,no," Calum said laughing. "I'm just going away for a couple of months" Chris looked at him then said " and your leaving her alone" he said pointing at me.

Calum smiled then he said "yea...but it's for a little of time only" Chris went to Calum and gave him a hug " you know, guys are Gonna steal her from you." I looked at Calum with a smirk then Calum looked at him then say " when I'm gone that's gonna be your job!, you're gonna protect her from guys. Deal?"

"Deal" I smiled. Then we started playing then we took Chris to eat ice cream then his house" I love you Calum and Helena" he said blowing us a kiss, "we love you too buddy" we Said at the same time. Chris smiled at us.

When we were on our way to Calum house I was falling Asleep. "Hey, babe when we get there you sleep, here you might hurt your neck" Calum said touching my hand. I nodded, then when we got there Calum's mom was there with Mali eating pizza.

"Helena my darling, how are you?" Joy said giving me a hug and a kiss." I'm great." I said hugging her back.

"Mom I'm here you know" Calum said looking at his mom. " shut up Calum" his mom said. And I started laughing.

We ate pizza then I was getting really sleepy, Calum carried me to his bedroom then he put me in his bed, he changed then he went to lay with me.

"Goodnight,baby" Calum said kissing me in my forehead.


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