Chapter 24

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Helena's POV

So it's been already 2 months and well Calum and I had a wonderful vacation. The boys joined us in July, cause in June we decided to have that month by ourselves. It was the best summer the best everything was perfect.

So university started about 3 weeks ago, I'm doing perfectly fine, my family is fine, the girls are fine, everyone is fine. Except Calum.

Oh you're probably wondering why Calum is not alright then let me tell you. You know Calum is basically in tour and yea all that thing, but right now he isn't they are on a break, their break ends next week. Well that's fine, all I want is spend this last days with him, but apparently he doesn't want to be with me.

Every freaking time I call him he's response is like "I'm busy" "im sorry" "I'm tired" look if he's already bored about our relationship then he can go. Jesus.

He's been clubbing all this days, maybe he's just sick? Or maybe I just no. I don't wanna think about it. He can't do that he can't cheat, that's not Calum.

Right now I'm on my way to Michael apartment, that he shares with Luke but since he is with May,well I'm just going there to talk with Michael. When I got there I quickly got out of the car and went there, as soon as I got there Michael opened the door.

"Hey, Helena" he said giving me a hug" hi, mikey; I need to talk with you" Michael nodded then we went to the living room.
"So tell me child what's your problem" I laughed at him then I started talking .

The "So, it's about Calum, um he's been really weird this past weeks, he doesn't talk to me anymore,he's not the same Michael, he's not the Calum that I fell in love with, I don't know if the problem is that he got bored of me, I don't know if the problem is me or him, I don't know Michael, can't he just tell me what's wrong , I mean I don't eat people, but can he just tell me..I just want to hold him and kiss him and be with him, but I guess he doesn't want to be with me anymore" I finish saying I wasn't crying for now.

Michael gave me hug than he took my hand and he told me "we're going to Calum's house and see what's wrong" I nodded when we got there, Michael opened Calum's door apartment and when he enter we saw a mess and Ashton was cleaning and as soon as he saw me he gave me a hug then he said " HELANA! What happened to Calum he's a mess" oh he's a mess wow. " I don't know he doesn't talk to me anymore." I said, I went to Calum's room and when I opened the door he was

Smoking? What.

" Calum Thomas Hood, what in the world are you doing?" He looked at me then quickly put the cigarette away. " you know cal, that can kill you" he started laughing "Calum this is not. Funny what's wrong, you can tell me"

He came over to me then  he said " I'm going to kiss this lips one more time because I know that I won't be able to do it anymore"

I started tearing up. I didn't know the reason but I just hope it wasn't the things that I'm thinking. Calum kissed me, but I pulled away quickly.

"Calum just tell me what happened , why don't you Talk to me anymore, why Calum, WHAT DID I DO WRONG"

Calum looked away for a moment then he looked at me again now he was crying then he said

"Helena...I cheated on you"






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