Chapter 16

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Helena's POV

It's been 3 months  already. We're going on Christmas break in 2 weeks. Thank god. I'm actually really excited but at the same time I'm more and more scared cause Calum is leaving on March. And I don't want him to go, you know but that's his dream and I can't stop him. Because I know he's not Gonna stop me for following mine.

I'm getting ready for school. Calum has been a little distance I think is because since he's leaving he's doing that but anyways I talk to him. Our relationship it's been really good this past months.

When I got ready My dad dropped me in school then he went to his work. When I got in school I saw Calum talking with Amber? What.the.heck. I could feel my anger getting the best of me but I ignored. I passes through Calum then he came running towards me.

" hey love, why you didn't come to me?" He said taking my hand. " oh you seem really busy talking with Amber" I said as I keep walking towards my locker.

"Hey,hey,calm down,she was just inviting me to a party and I said no cause I know how much you dislike me going to parties and well I'm not going." He said as he pulled me in a hug.

"Thanks cal, also after school we need to talk" I said as I went to my locker then to my class. When I got there which the class was English I had to sit next to the biggest jerk in school. Sebastian. Great.

"Hey babe" he said as I sit, I quickly looked at him and say " one: I have a boyfriend and he would beat your ass if you Call me babe one more time. Two: don't talk to me"

" oh please Calum is not here" he said I was gonna say something but then someone cut me off " well mate her boyfriend is not here but his best friend is so I suggest you to leave her alone."

" Thanks Michael." I said he nodded. We spend the whole class listening to some project we had... Sebastian didn't shut up not even a bit.

Calum POV

Finally lunch. When I got there I saw Helena trying to get out of Sebastian arms. I saw Michael and Ashton trying to help her but they couldn't I went running towards them and I took Sebastian from the shoulder and turned him around and say

" What in the world are you doing with MY GIRL." I said with jealousy running in my veins.

Sebastian thought I was joking then he Said "Oh that's your girl?I didn't she's really hot" I didn't even let him say more I punched him straight in the face. "Hey babe help me out here" Sebastian said again looking at Helena that's when i wanted him dead.

I started punching him multiples times" This one is for not leaving my girlfriend alone, this one is for calling her hot and this one is for calling her babe" I was gonna punch him again but then Helena said "Calum,stop,come here" I did what she said.

I took Helena's hand and I looked at Sebastian one more time and say " DONT YOU EVER DARE TOUCH OR TALK TO MY GIRL AGAIN" with that I leaved school I didn't care at the moment.

When we got in my car I was still angry really Angry. Helena touched my cheek " babe calm Down I'm here I'm all yours"  she said rubbing my cheek. I looked at her and say " I just hate when someone touch you, I mean you are mine,not them."  She laughed and say " I know Calum I know, and dude you looked hella hot there" I laughed at her comment and say " when I do not look hot?" She punched me in my chest playfully.

"Calum, you've been a little distance this days why?" Helena said looking at me.

"Oh well, I just started thinking about when I'm gone you know? What is gonna happen and well you know.." I said taking her hand. She looked at me and say"Calum everything is gonna be okay you don't have to worry." He nodded, then he kissed me all over my face.

"Calum lets go somewhere." Helena said. I looked at her and say "oh I know, let's go to a soccer field" Helena nodded.


When we got there I took my soccer ball and went to the field." So Calum I don't know how to play this you know?" Helena said smiling.

"Oh don't worry I teach you" I said. I took off my short cause it was easier. I throw the shirt away and when I looked up I caught Helena staring at me

"Hey, princess eyes up here" I say as she got red as a tomato.

"Okay so you have to focus on the ball always you can use your feet and head, never touch the ball with your hands never" I said she nodded.

We started playing,  it was her first time but she was doing really good. I passed her the ball then she was really concentrate in the ball and I decided to mess with her. I went and take the ball and start running she started running towards me and when she was about to take it. We both fell. She end up in the top of me.

"You know babe this is kinda nice" I said and she just rolled her eyes. I took her face and kiss her. Then we keep kissing until I heard some voices.

When I broke the kiss I look up to see 5 little boys staring at us. Helena got of me quickly as the boys keep staring at us. " hey there" I said. The little boys said hi then a couch came and say " I saw you two playing do you want to help us with the kids?" I nodded and Helena too. She was still embarrassed.

I helped the kids then one of them asked " so she's your girlfriend?" I looked at him and nodded." Are you two In love? Like my mommy and daddy are?" He asked I smiled at him and say" yes I think we are" the kid smiled and gave me hug them he said " you should come here to teach me"

"Sure buddy I try to come here everyday, what's your name? I said looking at the kid. "My name is Chris" I nodded " well buddy I gotta go but I promise I will come back to help you" he smiled and hug me then he whispered in my ear " oh and bring her" he said pointing at Helena who was staring at us smiling. I nodded.

When we got in the car Helena looked at me and say " you look really cute with kids" I took her hand and smiled.

And the day went fast but We spend a beautiful day together.


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