Chapter 9

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Helena's POV

I woke up by the amazing sound of my alarm,I was gonna turn it off but I couldn't move, cause I was wrapped in Calum's strong arms. " Cal, wake up we have school." Moved a little but didn't let go of me " 5 more minutes, mom." I looked at him and he was so cute he looked like a puppy I couldn't say no to him " fine but call me mom, one more time and you're dead." He laughed then went to sleep his 5 more minutes.

I decided that I was gonna sleep the 5 more minutes too, so I fell asleep once again in Calum's arms.

When I woke up Calum wasn't beside me, I thought he went to get ready for school, when I checked the time it was 11:45am WHAT. " CALUM THOMAS HOOD" I yelled, he came in the room with a worried expression " what? Are you okay?" I got up and went to him and slap him playfully " hey! What was that for?" Cal said I looked at him and say" you didn't wake me up and now we missed school" he crossed his arms and say" are you for real, Helena."

I rolled my eyes then went downstairs to find my dad eating some eggs, bacon, fries and other things, he looked at me and say  " Helena! Darling, cmon sit with me and eat; you should try Calum's food because he cooks amazing."

I looked at Calum and he was smirking and I smiled . Then my dad said " Helena I'm telling you this now, you have my permission to date Calum, get married and have babies" I'm sure my cheeks turned pretty red. I didn't know what to say then Calum came with my plate of food as he sit with us at the table.

Then my dad said " Calum, how come you and my daughter aren't dating? Cause you two are perfect for each other" I rolled my eyes and start eating, then Calum said " I don't know Sir, ask your daughter." My dad looked at me and I was red pretty red; I looked at Calum and he was smirking. Ugh that smirk. Jesus.
"Eh I don't know dad, I don't know" I say as I got up from the table.

I went to my room to put some nice clothes then I saw a text from Luke

Luke:" your best friend woke up"

I quickly went downstairs and took Calum's keys then I went gave a kiss to my dad then I took Calum by his hand " cmon Calum hurry up, May woke up" I said as I hand Calum the keys we got In the car and went to the hospital.

When we got there I asked for her and they told me she was on room 235, I quickly went there, when I enter the room she and Luke were kissing, okay how awkward." Um guys hello..." I said awkwardly, Luke quickly pulled apart as May was there staring at the wall; I went to gave her a hug, " I missed you" I said as she hugged me back. We talked about everything then she asked " are you and Calum are dating?"

Why everyone thinks that Jesus. I thought to myself.

" um no, we are not dating" I say as she looked at me like I just killed someone. " And why aren't you dating?" She said serious. " um because I said I needed space." She started laughing as she said " that's the biggest lie I ever heard in my life" I just stayed there staring at my hands; then she said " you know your dumb right?" I laughed then say " yes, May,I known I'm dumb you tell me that daily" she smiled then said " I'm glad you know."

Calum and Luke enter the room with the food as May didn't even let Calum and Luke sit as she said " hey Calum, Helena agreed to go on a date with you."  Calum smiled quickly as I looked at May with big eyes.

" so Calum ask her now In front of me, ask her on a date. Now" May said as Calum quickly went and say " Helena will you go on a date one more time with me?." I looked at May then Calum as I say " yes Calum I will go on a date with you."

Calum and I leaved the hospital, when he got in the car Calum said " see Helena, your dad and your best friend ship us" I laughed then I said " yea yea, shut up Hood before I regret saying yes." Calum smiled he decided to go and eat ice cream then buy some other things; then he told me we were taking the long way home. Then when we were in the car we talked, made horrible jokes, then when we got home Calum said

" Good night, beautiful"



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