Chapter 4

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Calum POV

I was in my bedroom really bored when I got a text from Helena that said "if you wanna talk to me come in 15 min" I quickly jumped out of bed I didn't even reply. I got dressed and head out.

When I got to Helena's house I knocked and Helena answered the door " hey,Calum" she said not making eye contact. "hey" I said almost whispering. When I enter the house I saw Mr. & Mrs.Wells watching a movie, but Helena's mom saw us and said "Oh, Calum nice to see you again"

Helena's mom gave me a hug and start talking about how long she hasn't see me and yeah but Helena said something to her mom and she let us go. When we got to her room I said " Look Helena, I never meant to hurt you that's the last thing I wanted to do."

"Wow Calum... You don't even remember what Happened that night" she said in a serious voice.

"Well Helena I do Remember that you wanted to tell me something" I said. She looked at me and say "you know what Calum, I'm gonna tell you everything" she said and something was telling me this would end bad...

"So in Ambers party you promised me you would stay with me Because you knew how much I hated being alone In those things; so you told me you were getting some drinks, it passed like 45 minutes I started to get worried so i went to get you, but guess what I saw? You making out with Amber I stayed there froze I couldn't even talk then you freaking looked at me with a smirk then started kissing Amber again... You knew how much I hated her you freaking knew Calum.... And the thing is that I was finally gonna tell you that I loved you... But I guess it were fake feelings you was not the right time to tell you that and those feelings faded away...." She said crying.

I looked at her. I wanted to kiss her hold her comfort her but I couldn't because it was my fault.. I looked at her and say " do you still have feeling for me?" She looked at me and say " I do Calum, but I don't love you"

"Helena I'm sorry please just forgive me I do everything I regret doing that after Luke told me what happened I got so mad with myself like you have no idea and well things happened" I said as I whipped her tears away.

She looked at me and gave me a hug then said " you have one opportunity don't kill it" she gave me another hug then I said"don't worry Helena this time I would make it right" she smiled.

Then I got to carry away and I kissed her, I was surprised because she kissed me back then I pulled away then said "sorry" but she was blushing and I smirked at her and say " I know you enjoyed the kiss babe don't worry " then she slapped me playfully.

And we stayed there Talking all night then before I went home she beg me to sing something so i started singing " All about you" And then she went to sleep.

I was finally happy that we solved things, I promise you Helena and I promise myself that I'm never gonna hurt you.


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