Chapter 3

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Calum POV

I'm such an idiot.I've been in love with Helena for 3 years. I was gonna told her that I was in love with her the night that our "accident" happened. I want to talk to her like properly,but is like I wanna talk to her but is really hard and I don't know what to do. I really wanna know what I did wrong that night cause I was really drunk and I don't remember what really happened. I'm gonna talk with Luke cause probably he would understand me.

After I drop Helena, I went to Lukes house as I was saying. When I got there I gave a hug to Liz then went to Lukes room."Lucas we need to talk" I said seriously he looked at me and say "Calum, we have band practice in 10 min" oh  I forgot... "I know I will talk fast i promise"I said looking at him. He look at me like I was crazy but oh well, "so I need you to tell me what exactly  happened the night that we went to Ambers party one year ago."

"Really Calum, is this about Helena?" He looked at me and I nod. He look at me for a moment then cross his arms " gosh,Calum why don't you ask yourself" he said almost annoyed. "Luke cmon please tell me, I find you a date with May,whatever please just tell me" lol the fact that he liked her since fifth grade. He looked at me then told me "okay, I'm gonna tell you a little bit and the rest you figure it out by yourself." I was mentally prepared for this so let's see.

"So when we were at ambers party's you were at th-" he stopped when we heard a voice yelling

" IM HOME PEOPLE BRING ME THE FREAKING PIZZA" yep that's  definitely Michael, you could hear Ashton yelling not to swear lol.

"I'm sorry cal I tell you tomorrow" Luke said,then Michael enter the room and said "wow I didn't know there was a bro reunion" I start laughing and said "look dude there's not a bro reunion,lets go and practice"

We finished practice at 9:00 then I went home I showered and went to sleep.

* next day*

I woke up and got ready for school. Then I pick up the boys and we make our way to school.

When we got there I quickly went to Helena" what in the world you want Calum" she said.

"Look Helena, Luke has been practically in love with May his whole life and he wants to go on a date with her and well your her best friend so maybe you could talk to her or something" I said and she was pretty surprised." Okay well let's do this, May likes him a lot so, tell Luke that on lunch ask her out, I'm sure she's gonna say yes." She said and I quickly went to talk with Lucas

" Luke you better be ready cause Helena's is gonna talk to May so you two are gonna met on lunch" I said he looks at me nervously and nod "oh and Luke you owe me something"

Helena's POV

"May my dear, come here, so Calum told me Luke wanna met you at lunch" I said and she was gonna scream but I covered her mouth.

"" She asked I nod she was so happy that she was singing I'm every class and talking nonstop.

Finally lunch Gosh I said to myself.When I got there I stay a little far from May cause I wanna watch the show lol. So Luke approached to her with a rose and say "May,will you go on a date with me? She screamed yes and hug him. Then Calum appeared out of nowhere "they would make a cute couple"he said and I nod "a really cute one" I said I was gonna go but he took my hand

"Helena can we talk? Please" he said his face was serious. " no Calum bye" then I left I need to think so I skipped the rest of the day and went home.

When I got there my mom was there "hey sweetie, you're supposed to be in school what happened?" She said "yeah mom but I need to talk to you" I said

" oh who's the boy dear?" She knows me so well. " um it's Calum " I said she looked at me and nod I took that as keep talking" so he just wanna talk to me and I don't know mom I'm confuse" I said " look honey do what your hearts tell you" I gave her a hug and went to my room.

I went and think a little bit then fell asleep. when I woke up it was 8:15 and I decide to text Calum. I searched Calum in my contacts and when I found him I send him a text saying

Helena: "if you really wanna talk Come in 15 minutes"


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