Chapter 31

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Helena's POV

When we broke the kiss, I looked at Calum which in fact he was looking at me. I was processing everything that just happened.

I just kissed Calum Hood.

Then he said " you don't know how long I've been waiting to do that again" I smiled, then I turned around to find The boys , Amelia and May,Dancing around the room, then Ashton came out suddenly with confetti, and much paying thirty dollars to May.

I looked at Calum again and he was smiling; he lean to kiss me again but I didn't let him, I need to think, I need to make the right decision. Calum had a confused face then he said " what's wrong?" I looked at him then I said " I need to think Cal, I need to think....." I took my things then he took my hand " Helena please, don't leave, I'm sorry" I smiled at him then I said " don't be sorry Cal, it's okay, I just need to think" he smiled.

"Hey, May , come on girl, I need to talk with you" I said looking at May. Then I looked at Ashton who was still throwing confetti.

"Dude, stop throwing confetti, go have fun with Amelia" Ashton looked at Amelia with a smirk and I looked at Calum who was laughing then I said " guys... I don't wanna be an aunt" Amelia didn't even Said a word then she looked at Ashton ..

What's happening...

Then I said "YOU'RE PREGNANT?!" Ashton and Amelia started laughing " no!" Amelia said looking at me "oh my god, bye I don't get you people, I really don't"

I left with May" I need to talk, I don't know what to do" she looked at me then she said " dude cmon, it can't be that hard, Calum loves you."

When we were in my apartment I changed then I said "okay, now" she looked me then she said "do you love him?" I looked away "I-I" she rolled her eyes " Helena is simple yes or no" I looked at her then I said "I don't know" she was annoyed.

"Do you want to be with him again?"

"Um, yes.."

"What do you miss about Calum"

I looked at her then I smiled " I kiss everything, every single thing about him, I miss the way he looks at me, the way he kiss me, the way he hugs me, I miss everything, I know we kissed like one hour ago, but I jus got confuse cause I started thinking about what could happen and you know I'm already 20 Years old, and well, I just don't wanna get hurt again" I finish saying looking at my hands then then she said " now I'm gonna ask again"

"Do you still love Calum?" I looked at her then I said "yes, I still love him, so much"

May smiled then she screamed " CALUM,LUKEEEE YOU CAN COME OUT NOW"


"Okay guys Luke and I are gonna give you some privacy, love you lots" she said closing my apartment door.

I looked at Calum awkwardly, then I asked" how did you get in?" He looked at me then he said " when you were changing May let me in and I hide in the bathroom" I laughed, "so you heard everything?" He looked at me then he smiled " yes..." I hide my face in embarrassment.

"Helena, I still love you so much like you have no idea, you're my everything you know, I love you Helena, I can't live without you, those months we were apart were the worse or my life, I regret everyday what I did, I can't forgive myself, I try Helena ,I try but I can't the imagine of you crying that night still on, my mind, and let me tell you I didn't date any one after you, I couldn't, if I'm not with you I'm a mess, so if better if I'm not dating anyone cause it just not the same, I fell in love with you, and it's hard to move on, it's hard to just be like, she was just a chick that I didn't love, and that's just not me, you are the most amazing girl in this world and I want us to be together again." He fished saying, I didn't say anything.

Then Calum raised his voice a little " Can you just see that I love you" I looked at him then I said " I love you too Calum so much" then he crashed his lips with mine.

Then he said between kisses "let me show you how much I love you" I smiled then I nodded.

Then one thing lead to another and the rest is history.....




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